I’m Back and Some Interesting News…

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Why economists are worried about economic growth.  Four countries in the world are doing well; UK, US, Japan, Germany.  The rest are faltering badly and as the Great Depression and Great Recession amply demonstrated no country can live in economic isolation.  Even during the Cold War China’s outlet was through Hong Kong (and known, yes) and Russia’s was various.  There was even covert trade with Russia, although I’ll say I uncovered that through research and leave it at that (as I must).

“Seeking Alpha” references will require absolutely free membership.  You don’t even get spammed.  That’s a year’s experience.  It’s at least primarily user-driven and the ads are bearable (and every browser has some way to shut them off).

Another bit about world economic growth..This is a large part of our growing exports, of course (condensate explained).  The condensate also takes relatively little processing, as I remember, compared to the heavy crude.

Gold worth buying again? It’s possible, but I’d agree with a wait til the end of the year.

Having problems installing Windows 10?  Here’s the USB try at a solution.  It’s not the cure-all.  If I were a better person, I would have kept track of the error codes on other devices and solutions.  I’ll keep track for the Acer 2700 AIO although regrettably I didn’t track its difficult journey to 8.1.  Here is one note; Microsoft has evidently modified things so that you cannot download single files on the way to updating to Windows 10.  This means if you try you’re gonna get an error code.  I’ll save you the cursing.

Finally, China is back up temporarily (the yuan).  As I’ve said in various venues, no economy exists in solitude.  Markets are up in anticipation.

[I’m better enough to sit, research, and write this.]

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