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I actually looked around on the Internet before I got ADT.  That’s no longer enough.  I didn’t take the care to look at the reviews that someone felt weren’t relevant for me.

Get someone else or get an automated system.  If you get ADT you’ll be stuck with a 3-year contract.  Any time that you’re stuck with a contract (that doesn’t involve a loan)–go elsewhere.

I also am getting spurious codes, which jibes with the one negative comment I was able to find in two places (by 2 different parties), and which I discarded as…non-relevant.

If you decide to ditch the contract you’ll pay 75% of it anyway.

Bad choice.

I had some dialogue via Twitter with ADT.  Result; they were at least following my Twitter tweets.  That was truly exciting.

I am fairly deaf and have PTSD and had an installer who was simply eager to get done with the job (and marked, kindly, for me, that I was entirely satisfied with his service; that was nice of him) and who hurried me on reading the contract.

I will guarantee you that they automatically renew my 3-year contract.  There is approximately a 3% chance I am wrong, because I wrote this.  However, given the time-span involved any notes made in my file will not be consulted at that time.  I will never deal with ADT again and feel I’ve been treated unfairly.  They took advantage of my deafness that mostly resulted from being too close to a large gun being fired (5″).

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