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Donald loves attention more than anything else.  I suspect that even negative attention–punishment, that is, and excoriation in the news, battling with the government, and even losing money (so long as he can inveigh (blather) at length about it.  That’s the first and most important element.

Secondly none of the suggested ‘traditional’ fixes have worked.

The problems that we have are mostly attributable to (increasing) overpopulation, wasteful usage of resources–without reclamation–and ‘evolutionary’ social mechanisms, which means mechanisms that grew from those designed only for very small societies.  The ‘logic’ that is mostly employed is generally a  byproduct of lingually-initiated thought.  [Note 1.]  This means things like life sentences for a joint of marijuana not long ago.  It includes things like race-inspired discrimination [Note 2] leading to obviously bad decisions.  It includes things like the definition by exclusion process [Note 3] which leads to things like race-inspired discrimination.

The lower class isn’t happy.  How would I know?  I was absolutely one of them until fairly recently.  I am by government standards (which are asinine) still–even though I make around $40k a year more.  The middle class isn’t happy.  The visible rich are unhappy about taxes and aware of how vulnerable they are (we’re talking about the billionaires here).  The invisible rich “ye have always with you” and have many layers of protection [they aren’t truly invisible they simply don’t court the media].

The ones who seek power aren’t happy because they see their power diminishing.  Power is granted not taken.  Only the people have the power, though they never realize it.

The system is lacking mainly because of lack of a representative system capable of handling existent ‘facts’ and because its first and main concern is remaining self-consistent rather than consistent with the observed, particularly since it is an integral part of observation.  This in turn means that there is a constant process of distortion in the representation, sometimes referred to as the “fan effect”.

[Note1] That last paragraph explains something of lingually-inspired thought.  We cannot think in terms of words, although “conscious” (lingual) thought is always in terms of words, rather necessarily.  This ended up in the Freudian (and modern) asinine concept of the “unconscious mind”.  However, I expect to have ample opportunity to expound upon that.

[Note 2] and [Note 3] Discrimination is the first part of judgment.  Discrimination itself is neither good nor bad.  However, if it is based on a definition which ignores things because they “aren’t relevant”, which is definition by exclusion, it is generally discrimination which leads to poor actions of judgment.

…To be continued

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