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October 25, 2015 at 8:46 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been writing almost frantically for about a month.  I’m recapturing about 40 years worth of notes and thought, none of which could ever be shared because the words were lacking in the English language.  The concepts are either too simple (most likely) or too complicated (possible) for most people to begin to comprehend.  Then again according to the theory itself this would have to be true.  It actually is a theory in that I have made predictions about various things and then investigated to see whether I was correct or incorrect in the predictions.

I was incorrect, for instance, in predicting a social breakdown in the United States in 2012 due to growing enforced economic disparity which had become too glaringly evident to be hidden.  Rather than that, there is the panoply of glowing veils and Japanese Room Separators, along with the CGI-gifted Virtual Imagery of our increasingly ideal world (that of, that is, images of others rather than the bothersome reality; our dross transformed to gold; our goals personified in mythical creatures created by Photoshop and our own desperate need to be deceived…

Over 90% of the U.S. population lives in cities.  Big cities.  They are fascinated by the concept of being able to survive in the woods (that they call wilderness).  They are so fascinated by the wild that they actually think they can have beasts of prey as pets, take no special care with them and deal with them entirely bereft of any understanding (of anything, perhaps)–and expect to survive.  These are the ones who brandish weapons (instead of using them) and are surprised when doing so has made them vulnerable.  They are so fascinated by death and war they burst into colleges, schools for near-infants and shopping malls–so that they can kill without any probable fear of hurt to themselves.  [Most of them don’t think that they could survive boot camp, which is why they take the coward’s route.]  Note that they’re usually correct in thinking that, as well.

The media has transformed them.  It wasn’t the government, as Orwell and many others thought.  The government in the U.S. is pretty well a product of the people and our lack of will.  Those who truly govern us, hidden on boards if visible at all, owners (if you merely look at the balance of registered wealth, as many have now) of most of the game…do so only because we allow them to do so.  If all the governed are dead, there are no governors.  Nor are there firearms with infinite magazines.

What I am writing toward is a version of ‘the truth’, not that I think that is something to be expressed in terms of language as most of us know it.  [That is why I am a zen Buddhist.]  Wish me luck.  I simply haven’t energy to keep up with the rest.

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