On Donald Trump As Symbol

January 6, 2016 at 5:39 pm Leave a comment

With each stage of language, it seems, there is an associated stage of society.  Ours is a society which tends toward civilization, city-based repositories of ‘knowledge’ and with associated necessities*.  With each stage of language there is an associated stage of possible concepts.  With each stage of [either] there is an extended set of associated protocols.  Although that is strongly implied that was not implicit within the preceding statement.  On the individual level this allows expotentially greater knowledge and ‘wiser’ decisions (I would have to go into this at length to begin to define what I mean, assume that I mean decisions which within the context of the perceived society are pro-survival).


On the formal social level, this allows for decreasing knowledge and increasingly more foolish decisions.  Since I can’t defend the statement I would expect to be attacked, although the patterns even within flash media make this obvious.  This is the level of government.  On the media- allowed social level, it allows only for those who capture the most attention.  On the whole, this means that blithering idiots are in power.


Since our society is our language, Donald Trump would seem to be the gauge of our (non-existent) social sanity.


Plainly put, guys, we’ve fucking lost it.

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