About Mining Employee Health Data

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The most frightening thing about this article is what it overlooks, as most people and even companies do.  If data is mined for one thing, it is already transformed into a usable state.  With health data, this data is firmly affixed to a name and other identifying data.  The article includes even an observation about shopping habits; I would like to not only invite you to ponder this but tell you that you’re a bit lacking if you don’t.

Someone will hack the data, and everything is there.  Just hope that your good ol’ company–or its data-mining partner–don’t have your credit card number on record.

However, as far as staying off the radar… The world we’re in means that unless you take measures like shopping with cash (and probably using one of the old cars that doesn’t have a built-in tracer, or hadn’t you ever thought of your GPS unit that way?), foregoing usage of ‘loyalty badges’ or whatever your store calls that little identifying card that gives you a discount, not using a cell phone (which also has the potential to have your location at any given moment recorded for an unknown period of time not less than three years), being very careful using land lines, which are very easy to trace, avoiding usage of the Internet except through VPN and then using the correct means of initiating contact, never getting infected with a virus, avoiding having a ‘tracer’ implanted [extent of usage unknown and at this time apparently not available]–pets get them–and also not having any tattoos of course; birth marks are a very bad thing as are scars, limps or other identifying habits, traces or weaknesses…

You’re loud and clear (on that radar screen, I mean).  I haven’t detailed everything because I haven’t thought about it, and there are some things I won’t tell.  I value freedom in my rapidly declining years.  I don’t need incarceration to add with pain.  Although then again they’d most likely screw up on the anti-seizure medication…

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