Family and 1 poem, ‘departures’

September 23, 2016 at 10:58 pm Leave a comment

Sorry, I’ve actually been busy with my family in fairly pleasant ways to extremely pleasant.  Spouses can have rough spots that require sanding.  That might be self-administered, spousal ‘maintenance’ read spouse abuse or shadows of various sorts.  Veterans of all wars I think bear those shadows.  And being close to death just does that, as does dying.  At least it has been a while since I was dying voiceless in the night, knowing that I was fighting to regain control of my body.  That’s not a good feeling.

I intend to spend more time on the blog for more than one reason.  One is that I’ll simply get “voices‟ published.  The ‘easy’ way.


having hesitated by a field,
overgrown and rocky
we found our path suddenly obscured and sat to ponder

us, and our selves, and
eventually decided
our paths lay different ways…
and then (humanly if not naturally)

each blamed the other
and set our separate courses,
i pursuing that perhaps illusive beast enlightenment,
or wisdom…

and you went (you had to go)
to peace, to some security.

…i pause often by that field.
–not with regret, nor even
with real deliberation, without care for was and why
and how:

i pause often by that field,
and watch the shadows change.
(Such tangled webs we weave!)


I’ll be detailing how to get a copy of voices in various fashions, the most expensive of which would make me actually drop everything and get it converted yet again.  It’s a big collection of poems which mutated into a picture type .pdf somehow with the bloody upgrades.  I finally found a word processor which allows me to break it down or…if pressed…to actually bulk-edit the whole ms.  Which I simply won’t change the writing on again, but the conversion does introduce things like extraneous spaces.  Those I will work on, with a stick–so to speak.

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**This is a joke** The Hierophant

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