To Stephen, My Adopted Brother

October 31, 2016 at 1:46 am Leave a comment

half-brother, I should say, by blood my first cousin, regardless a total assXXXX [he’s a pedophile, so I just complimented him and unfortunately vilified complete aholes]–


I have a real brother.  Don’t dare include me again in your company, knowingly–well, at all.  I don’t do that.  You’ve unknowingly told me that you’re still at it or at least contemplate it daily, by blaming your daughter–yes, Steve, the one you raped while she was an infant, yes, Steve, I noticed what you said and what it verified about the noted almost total recidivism in people like you.  It was her fault, you read it in the Bible somewhere you’re sure.  Besides, remember Lot and his daughters? indeed.


I have a real brother, who would no more contemplate that than I would.  If I felt truly hostile toward you, I’d just make sure the Dutch on that island knew.


Hopefully I’m wrong, and you’ve never regarded your horrible act as anything but horrible.  Many statistics show there’s not, however, the faintest chance I am wrong, and that indeed there is absolute determinism and no free will, in fact, actually.  Would that I am wrong, oh I must hope so–while finding no evidence of choice at all.

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