unmeant revelations

November 24, 2016 at 6:28 pm Leave a comment

unmeant revelations

you scratched me–meaning
to tear me–and left,
never realizing pain
has its own language, and
you’d told me you hurt
far more
than i ever could

New: this is the territory of; if you thought about it you probably wouldn’t ask out of decency, and would you really want to know?

*Poetry published in blogs like mine are in fact automatically protected by Common Law Copyright.  All I ask for in poetry is that if it’s reprinted–reblogged, one would assume–there is proper attribution.  Glenn Charles, although Voices (originally with no caps) was written with the intended pen name of Samwise Davies. **This is a clue, since I think my comments which somehow come from that appear while I’m publishing under Glenn Charles.  Since–to add to the confusion–although Glenn Charles is my rational name it’s also in respects an assumed name, I’ve taken latterly to simply using that.  Samwise is in respects quite literally the “ghost in the machine”.


I would say “Happy Thanksgiving” but first I wish to say:  remember what this celebrates.  I wish you enjoyment of what it should be, but I think all who are not AmerIndian should pause very, very long before celebration of togetherness.  The actual event cannot be undone nor forgiven; less can the dismissal of the fact that there began the conscious slaughter of the Indians.  I read the facts as a child and was a bit shocked.  I was a child in Vietnam, too, by the way.  xxxx happens.

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