silences (2)

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silences (2)

i have written
so very many words! the writing
the thing, assuredly:  a crystalline moment of vision

and somewhat-freedom…
my life consists of broken threads, the undone and
unsaid; my only expression, really, these lines:

unmetered and sprung, unrhyming, unpolished cadences
and rhetoric,
and endless seekings
of undefined, indeed perhaps

unnamed unknown
things…i have known most closely
and best despair, and futile
endings.  these scenes

occlude, refract.
…i have written so very
many words:  millions.  i have perhaps five percent of

i sing, i say,
quite strongly, quite silently.  but

when i’ve need of words…
i cannot speak.


This would be one of the youngest poems from Voices.  Yes, I’d written millions of words then, and quite unfailingly threw almost all away.


Other than that I think this poem speaks for itself.

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