This may be repetitious

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but… I’m sorry I don’t reply or follow my followers enough, or if I do comment.  I’m running short of time.


The true externalization of my continuing meetings–pardon me, confrontations–with luck.  He’s a pretty good quarterback and will get better.  My luck or more accurately its discovery began with my entrance into boot camp, because I reacted positively to that skin test.  Which meant I had it.  They told me, “Sorry, son, you aren’t going he…” and got interrupted by a phone call.  After which I had turbercules, you could see them on the x-ray (see? Glenn?).  Doctors ever since have told me that was bullshit.  Mind you the first thing I had when I arrived officially aboard ship, before I could put my stuff away (my duffle bag still on the floor as in) was a request to go to the Academy.  I’m very bad at resisting certain kinds of temptation, and I’ve never lost a game of Risk.  Because I cheat.  Legally.  Whole intent of the game.  Republican voters should play Risk and then the children’s version of Go to get a sense of some kinds of things.  Anyway the tubercules (not potato ‘roots’) meant that I was cured.  You see.  After the phone call from Washington.  That was the beginning of my paranoia which turned out to be quite justified.

I’m working on a lot of things at once because of that sense of shortness of time, hounds of someone barking at my heels, wanting my Achilles tendons…

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