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January 17, 2017 at 7:22 pm Leave a comment

I will write it, being obsessive.  However, followers of this blog may well wish I did it elsewhere.  Like, oh, say LiveJournal.  If anyone has strong feelings that they wish I’d keep it to LiveJournal with essays and even the very occasional work of fiction I don’t destroy out of frustration…  I ask you to say so.


A lack of answers would indicate to me “Do what’s right.”  Which means that this has to be mainly poetry and I’ll start using the other blog again.  WordPress and LiveJournal hate each other, so I don’t know that I can manage to get either to accept easy mention of an entry.  I’m not the best at writing something, going somewhere else to advertise it…but I’m fair.  At doing that.  At this point I’m fairly ugly…

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for nita Answers

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