An Example

February 11, 2017 at 6:52 pm Leave a comment

And a most beautiful one.

To my so-called mind this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, which is the chains of definitions and responses I term protocols.  I do so not least because the military uses them in precisely such fashion and I have seen indications that others do.  However, there is no explanation behind the usage, which is intrinsically fascinating.

If you’d like me to explain let me know.  Otherwise I intend to spend this day Saturday mainly in basically blissful rest.  A lot of this…view of a Different View is mere transcription from notes.


There has been no EEG as yet.  Tri-West/Veteran’s Choice/whatever you might call it first informed me they had no idea what I might be talking about with funding for an “outside” scan and lab work.  That entity is what allows some veterans to have medical work done through “providers” (the current term for practitioners of arts of medicine and associated with it, with the association formal and the process of associating absolutely opaque to the veteran and to many accepted outside practitioners and probably to VA providers–one must be an accepted provider*) with “outside” meaning not employed directly by the Veterans Administration.  The consistent lack of the apostrophe when I write is because that’s the name.

That night, the letter arrived telling me I had funding for the work that I’d called off because there was no funding and it could be done (apparently) at the local VA facility.


I have one poem–a ‘sayings’ (“poem”, I should say, because in fact the sayings are something else, which I can’t name)–which I’ll transcribe and post in a bit. Other than that silence comes closest I think to transcribing peace.  I am for once close to that.  Selah.

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End of THE INTRO!! sayings 6

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