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i thought to scry the sky once
from this fog-filled valley

i do not know what i truly saw
within the folded sky, as though
Night herself gave me a glance
at her nude beauty

it was merely thicker cloud,
momentarily obstructing more
of the dim light.

i had to peer beyond the shadows then
and so i did, though
i fell quite often from those
slick land’s-wound walls.

perhaps the knife that made that cut
led me to the top, above the fog
though naturally i found

my vision was still bound.
for a moment i thought
of climbing those mountains

i’d discovered, but after
that daunting, terrifying look
i could climb no further.
i returned.

odd, though, it’s as if
those who knew me for years
no longer do.

they come to me, the wise stranger
from outside, to receive
my blessings and wisdom.

how can i tell them
of my knowledge, of our shared imprisonment
and not shatter all hope?

i climbed from this valley once.
though my vision was cleared, rather than
continuing, i returned

and sought my accustomed
my comfortable, i
put on my bonds again.


There were a number of notes I had to make, and I forewent (I know, the word is no longer in common usage) them; thus, they aren’t presented.  About the preceding poem; that isn’t an attempt to imitate something.  It’s not a statement about current time.  I am apolitical although I can no longer claim to be agnostic.

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