Of Truth and Images

March 15, 2017 at 7:14 pm Leave a comment

Of Truth and Images

These shadowed images-do they pass
or without? I cannot
though I scry** my best

tell, at all.
(as I pass
among shadows and echoes
suddenly I realize,
I am a ghost, myself)

O, give me that chalice,
give me that rest, since
I am denied redemption

but tell me first, will ye?
do I seek folly or sooth?
Since this was saved by someone (not someone, my wife, Rose), I’m going to keep this as amended.  I rarely write poetry with the personal pronoun capitalized, because English is the only language to do so and because of what this says about the personal self-image of the native English speaker.  I also rarely capitalize sentence beginnings (in poetry, for both these statements).  It suggested Shakespeare and Hamlet* to her, vaguely. [*Name edited.]

It is therefore dedicated to Rose, although as should be evident, it isn’t about or to her, except perhaps as expert judge.


**Old usage, ‘scry’ is ‘to view’ [with an effort, generally with the aid of a faceted/reflective curved surface, especially a ball, and generally that not present, especially the future or that otherwise separated in time/space].

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