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June 20, 2017 at 12:22 pm Leave a comment

This is only a short entry.  I have hesitated recently because I wasn’t perfectly sure I could continue to pay for the site; however, the deppening (that’s Johnny Depp getting deeper…or else a wry tribute to the misspelling that is a part of initial writing) emotive involvement of the country in Mr. Trump (and with both sides backward-looking to Obama and Clinton as entirely contributory to…either the good shape or the bad shape we’re in; no one at all seems able to widen their vision of “cause” [which is why the hypothesis of cause and effect is an hypothesis, not even a theory] and his supporters and non-supporters to enemies outright…  Began the silence.  I felt as of mid-December that Trump would win. I wrote a relatively long piece.  I couldn’t post it.  I’m sure I threw it away.


Later today or else tomorrow I will post something from Voices and continue on.  Another contributing factor was that…of 3 Windows (Dell) machines…3 went down.  The XPS 2720 was a hard drive (C:) and will merit an article.  The Dell Optiplex 3020 was a momentary victim of beta-testing.  The Alienware is still down but at least I’ve finally gotten it to recognize it’s on a network.  Word to the wise; make sure that you do a system image before doing internet optimization.  And (yes, I did it deliberately) if you have two optimization programs, and you feel you have to optimize your internet connections–do it only with one of them and remember which one it is.  However, with both Dell and HP (Alienware is Dell) I suggest using the computer apps themselves to optimize internet connections and leave it at that rather than having virtual adapters (having an unplugged virtual ethernet connect adapter is truly WEIRD).


Anyway, I am here.  I also underwent a complete withdrawal from Carbamazepine/Tegretol XR which was bound to have mental/psychological complications and did, but I had no seizures in consequence and thank God I have one less drug to take.


In brief, HI!

Samwise Davies/oregonnerd/variously known

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