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June 22, 2017 at 1:07 pm Leave a comment

Don’t trust this site.  Ever.  This site is paid to do its reviews and cheerfully recommends malware, from my personal experience.


Note that I did not actually say that nothing it says is true.  What I said, and will now explain is; “Nothing that a reviewer from this site says can be trusted.”  I will also say that if I found a product recommended here I would go immediately to other sites and check it.


On the same line, incidentally, PC Magazine is a great place for reviews.  Its top reviewer was once an acquaintance of mine.  However, should you download from here, you will employ their downloader which will also attempt to gift you with adware.  The last time I did so–over 10 years ago–even I could not manage to exit installation without adware.  I had to exit the installation–hunt down the adware already installed–search for what was advertised–and ended up going to the company site for the download.  Filehippo, Softonic and a number of others safe in the mid-90s are dangerous now.  My best suggestion is that before you download anything you attempt to get reviews of the site (not the software) in question and that even then you scan the download.  [Google something like ‘how can i scan my downloads’; omission of the question mark wasn’t accidental, usage of it is worthless.]

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