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Well, for the second time I’m reinstalling Windows on my ‘old’ Dell XPS 2720 One.  It’s the 3rd time for the machine, on this version of Windows.  The computer is about 2 years old, as I recall.

Should you have an XPS 2720 One whose C: drive has just expired, the easiest thing by far is (yes) replace the hard drive with its equivalent, which will be a Seagate of some size (500 Gig, 1 TB, 2TB)–I vastly prefer WD because of long experience with which tends to last longer.  Because it’s a Windows 8 machine ‘Restore’ won’t work [to bring it back to Win 10; that little recovery drive is for Windows 8] and there tend to be vast difficulties in activating it in Windows 10.  I’ve read and heard varying hypotheses.  The solution that worked was an improvement anyway; buy a new Win 10 Pro 64 bit. I’m throwing that in because it’s the only posted solution to that particular problem that worked.  I couldn’t find any because no one said it did, but MS did sort of indicate (in its peculiar way) that was probably the easiest solution.  Ex officio so to speak.


So, anyway, that happened.  My Acronis backup failed but my data backup didn’t.


I was gradually reloading software onto the machine (I had wanted it to be a clean install of Windows and nothing else, but my files were left on it, which made it quite a bit more complicated because they didn’t understand my methods, any more than my instructions–evidently–to JUST INSTALL WINDOWS) when suddenly all real time protection on the machine was turned off.  Windows Defender couldn’t be turned on.  It was time to abandon ship.


I did a refresh.  Now.  There may have been a rootkit planted.  If so, it evaded a lot of protective software.  [Something in System32–a Windows directory–started attempting to inject code into other software.  I found this out because Ashampoo Antivirus started catching it in the act.]  It evaded a scan by Ashampoo Antivirus and by Windows Defender and…not long ago, it turned off realtime detection.


There has been no ransomware involved as yet anyway.  This is merely an alert.  There’s something new out there, almost certainly gotten through the Yahoo! website in this case, that has evaded the software.  It’s botware.  It didn’t have much info to steal and I’m about to seal that one.


BE WARY.  I’m paranoid and I got caught.  I also sealed that potential leak.  Before I even completed this.


The online Windows Defender scan found nothing.  Now I’m doing an offline Windows Defender scan.  That’s a link to a MS resource.  Technically offline should be highlit too but frankly I’m stressing out a trifle on this one.  It’s been many years since I’ve been had like this and I was in places I won’t even name now.  [There are laws regarding “attractive nuisances”.]

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