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I made a comment earlier today about authorities’ free access to internet searches.  It also occurred to me that many people might actually think “Well, why not?”


The problem is that there is an internal inference, that interest in a subject necessarily indicates future activity with it.  My earliest encounter with that was as a teenager, although indirectly.  The librarian mentioned [a subject with which I was already familiar, and I’d assumed that I would encounter its ramifications] a list she was now required to keep, if individuals read a great deal particularly on given subjects (like good ol’ Chairman Mao) and how I was on it and what the FBI could make of it.  I was merely an anomaly at my high school already.  I didn’t have a 4.0 but I did have the knowledge at least equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in college (which was confirmed many years later).  I was a ‘loner’ and either read at prodigious speeds (as fast as I could turn the pages) or else pretended, and someone was actually given the job of asking that particular question.  [“How come you read that fast?” “I can’t turn the pages any faster.” Yes, it was considerably later that it occurred to me that it was a complete non sequitir on my part; it followed to me.]


To an extent, it’s true.  Prison is the ____’s college.  The ‘straight’ world–without drugs, sex without labels and social roles, adapted to consistent personas and reflecting impossibly unreal oceans of unmeant values–is in many ways to a certain class of intelligence absolutely unbearable.  The main way to describe that class is to say first of all to presume that it is a “class” or even some sort of order allowable in a ‘conservative’s eyes’.  [*A ‘conservative’ is someone who abhors the very idea of adaptation unbearable, and who regards the current social order particularly with regards to relative value and right to goods (and power) as the prime value, if not the only.


With each assumption that someone makes about “people like you”, YOU commit whatever act that is, each and every day–even though and if that assumption involves an act you would never commit.


Every time we accept someone’s statement about causes in a particular case and they aren’t that someone, we accept the right of someone else to judge US in that exact, particular way.


Ah, you say.  You’re exaggerating.  It’s just made up.  No to both.  It’s real.


I had a seizure while driving.  People, apparently, who have been using crystal meth have seizures, maybe especially while driving; I actually wouldn’t know.  Regardless of that and the fact that there wasn’t anything but pot (medical, from the night before) and oxycodone (prescribed, from the night before or even further), I was convicted of criminal mischief because I’d obviously been snorting or smoking or whatever [I’ve heard all three stories about its usage, and more] speed.  I was under treatment for epilepsy at the time, by the way, and was taking the drugs.  The Public Pretender is now a judge.  The sheriff actually attended the trial.  Then…never mind.  This is a new century, let alone a new decade or two.


It’s too late by far to correct and we knew it was coming.  Get your VPN and start using TOR and anonymizers and anonymous search.  CLEAR YOUR BROWSER HISTORY; EVERY EVERY EVERY TIME go into settings and do the same old tiresome things.  If you’re not on a Mac you should probably use Firefox because of privacy.  If you’re using Commodo Dragon consider Commodo Ice Dragon–it’s Firefox amped up.  I’m yielding to the primary temptation of the user, and the most unacceptable one; the laziness of retaining that comfortable old interface, insecure as it is…but I have continually made the decision rather than relying on ease for the judgment call.  If I weren’t otherwise committed I would quite possibly switch to Commodo over that.  I will experiment, and I won’t even tell them until I’m done.  There’s no way they can influence me save to reject me as a customer…


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