Calls From Unknown Numbers

August 8, 2017 at 11:58 am Leave a comment

“Scammer village”–the loosely-knit Internet collection of scammers–is building a phone directory and one that takes notes, just as does.


It’s beginning to look like we sorely need a (private, not governmental–for one thing there’s a vast probability it would instantly be misused) our own list.


*Bear in mind that when it says (for instance) “Microsoft Corporation” and isn’t, it’s a VOIP call.  However, people really are creatures of habit and probably will use the same fake Caller I.D.  They also are obviously getting some hits on people calling them back (for one thing, this is absolute confirmation of a live number and one that will probably pick up, over half of the battle).


If you don’t know the number, assume it’s a fake.  Unless it says ‘Police’ or whatever; then listen carefully and note everything and check with your local authorities, if you can.  Mind you, if you’re growing pot in the closet in a state that doesn’t allow it, give that one a pass.  I’m sure no one does that, but still…


*Oregon has medical marijuana and legalized marijuana.


And realize that I just slipped in a point at the very beginning.  If you get a call from an unknown number and want to check it out–Google it.  I am specifying the search engine because it’s most used.  I will say I’ve experienced disappointing results when I tried Yahoo! and Bing–and if Copernicus is still out there never ever use it.

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