Return, A Poem & A Short Note

August 16, 2017 at 9:13 pm Leave a comment

The note is this; I had a series of computer failures and either viruses or some more mysterious malady.  At one point I was actually convinced I’d lost ‘voices’ [the name of that volume of poetry actually shouldn’t be capitalized].  I did lose whatever was on my Alienware computer, and I will have to say before I eventually share the story that it was ‘my luck’ yet again.


Anyway, failed restores aside, and dead computers, this poem dates from; summer, 1979, Phoenix, Oregon; there’s a much more specific address but ‘that would be telling’ as old tales have it.  It’s a real place, is the point.



sketches of suspended dawnlight: weathered
almondtrees, still half-bloomed (ground
strewn with tattered pastel tissues): groundsquirrel
frozen, regarding
me intently: birds balleting (and cats studying):

this is the song
that silence teaches.


I haven’t gone back to visit there, yet, at least.  My mother is dead, as is most or all others of ‘my generation’ of ‘the family’; the generation after that basically doesn’t exist.  My grandfather for all his faults is dead, and with him whatever made us a family.

Understand that the faults I mention are utterly unforgivable, to the extent that the family is better off gone.

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