Getting A Lot of Money Suddenly

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I didn’t get nearly that much.  I am however going to give advice.  Many football players, actors/actresses, lottery players and veterans who ‘strike it rich’ to varying degrees…go broke quickly.  The primary reason I’ve seen is friends and family and of course complete lack of financial savvy.  Limit your charity–I wish I’d done more.  You acquire those who feel they have the right to be your dependent (I am not talking about my wife, incidentally).  You find that you have to be more and more circumspect in talking about money and you will lose friends (as a veteran I truly resent the many who termed my compensation from Vietnam as “luck”; it took me 23 years of being called a fool, liar and crazy–VA interviewers–and that does a lot to you eventually, even me).


Set aside a large amount of what you just got and gradually put it to work.  Starting a business isn’t wise as a first decision.  Over 90% of businesses go out of business (…) within 5 years; 99% at last report fail in 10; in this town, a hundred years is about the limit thus far.  Buying blue chip stocks tends to be a good bet, done gradually and assuming that you’re not going to do well at it for at least a year.  [Study candlestick charting theory briefly but unless you’re going to do options don’t use it as a main investment tool; look at performances, debts, price to value and especially trading in company stocks by insiders.  Also use Microsoft Money if you’re using Windows.  Seeking Alpha free is a good bet.  The only Motley Fool suggestions I followed didn’t pan out well.  I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.  International Business Daily/IBD is a valuable tool for many people, although I found the CANSLIM method unsatisfactory; if the tests are right and I am a genius it lies in the direct perception and manipulation of patterns.  English doesn’t contain the capacity to describe how I think and I have entirely given up on attempting to describe it, except that I think “sideways”, use both temporal lobes and am consequently extremely good at logic historically.


If you quit working your social life will suffer especially if you’re male.  DO NOT OVER-COMPENSATE BY SPENDING MONEY.  For one thing that doesn’t work.  Expand your horizons.  Take some courses, but do it online; if you have Windows there are a whole host of legitimate courses, for free or paid.  Don’t expect any better treatment from cops or anyone else.  Make sure that you buy living quarters that you can afford to maintain; no mansions.  Get a VPN.  Monitor your credit.


And finally–GOOD LUCK!  I had one ex-friend (he was a stained-glass worker who was suffering from brain damage/heavy metal poisoning/inhaling vaporized lead and absorbing it through the skin, so this, like everything has multiple causations rather than a single cause, which is basically impossible*) who threatened to kill me over having gotten compensation.


*A single cause; a cue striking a cue ball which strikes another ball and the ball went into the pocket.  Causes apparent; impact, force, mass, inertia, gravity,  felt on the table (especially the sides), spin, calculated trajectory–GRAVITY, air, an intent to accomplish something–the existence of money [a relative supposed indicator of value], an enclosed space.  The actual cause; it wanted to do it.  Cause can’t be tested.  Events can only be ‘disproven’ to a certain and very limited extent.  There is no evidence of anything ever having a single cause.

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