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September 24, 2017 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

I feel that I am impelled to be as active as I can until Wednesday.  I’m going in for what should be a minor operation  but I have problems healing and stopping bleeding because of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; both have worsened with age.  There will be relief from some major pain one way or the other, at least.  I don’t feel like I’ll probably die, though.  I am historically a pessisimist, FWIW.


UPDATE:  I read through the packet for the minor procedure.  There’s a history of problems for those with epilepsy and taking anti-seizure medicines.  In my favor is that a test conducted before the elimination of Tegretol XR showed no reaction at all to the strobe light in my brain waves, and that I’ve ‘studied’ meditation and body control for many years.  I still had ‘absence’ or ‘petit mal’ seizures for many years and I could actually finish a phone call [call center; I was driven to work there because I was too stupid and stubborn to admit my epilepsy] and drive home, although it was hard to impossible for me to speak.


And the last time(s) I was in a hospital was during a horrible series of seizures that I had a hard time escaping from* and ended up on the wire more than once; they quit counting heart attacks and my neurologist at the time told me that in all probability one more grand mal would be the very last, just after telling me that he’d had to prescribe a lethal amount of medications but he didn’t know what else to do; I should have died according to what he knew six years ago.  That may pellucidly explain my entire reluctance for that absolutely riskless procedure, a colonoscopy.


*I do not follow the most grueling rules of language that make what is said a dozen times harder to understand.  “Never end a sentence (or a clause) with a preposition” is the rule I often violate, knowingly.

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