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December 17, 2017 at 1:11 pm Leave a comment

During this month, my computer network was attacked once (didn’t work) and Lastpass was attacked, which lost most of my passwords that were recorded only online.  Someone was apparently in the feedback loop for resurrecting an account the password of which was lost.  [Oddly enough, new procedure.]  I could not find a way to consistently stay on and there was evidence that someone else had accessed only some of my info=wipe out ALL of it and recover later.  I’ll let you do your own research on what recently happened with Lastpass.


Anyway, I’m recovering.  I haven’t found anything as yet to replace it.  Combine this with sickness, being transport for someone for a few weeks [and having someone charge me for over $500, with “WordPress” in the heading of the entity that charged me.  I have a $99/yr contract.  I contacted WordPress and…it was an invalid charge.  The heading was ‘EIG’.  Moral of the story, make sure you check your charges.  Whoever EIG  was, I couldn’t understand their accents (I was a child and adult in the Far East, so that’s actually pretty unusual) but they paid the money back.

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