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I’ve been in and out of the hospital since September of last years; the last two stays were via Emergency.  Behavioristic principles were used on me in order to force me to be able to tolerate high levels of pain without any pause.


So what?  I tend to minimize, and even though I know that I don’t have any idea of what the ordinary person can stand (other than things like a PCP telling me “I don’t understand how you can stand that much pain!”  I’m sorry, it’s not a measuring point, and if “10” on a 1-10 scale, 10 the most pain–generally described as ‘the one where you can’t do anything except scream and hopefully pass out’ and…I’ve never been there.  The leg  broken in two wasn’t much of a support, but it was even once the new cast was once again sodden with blood.  It’s called a compound fracture.  Of the shin.


So what=the first time at Emergency I couldn’t grade the pain as a 10–my version–so they took a look at blood counts and sent me on my way.  The second time, one week later, I stayed for most of a week (I’m back on solid foods, et cetera).


I actually have at least 10,000 words stored away for writing here and now and I just don’t have a fraction of the energy needed for transcription.  If only I thought in English! but then again, come to think of it, that’s rather a contradiction in terms.


For the time being, the opening statement is something like this (I’ll  leave quote marks to the reader rather than he who transcribes):   [sorry, bad punctuation]


A language is a very specialized representational set.  First of all, it’s a system.  This means that it has internal rules (think of grammar, spelling, punctuation, specialized and generalized usages for starts) which do not correspond exactly to qualities in that which is being represented.  If it isn’t backed up by telepathy (which doesn’t appear to be a system!) the relationship between word and ‘object’ is accomplished by ‘pointing’ and the energizing principle seems to be the one instinct that humans haves–copying those who seem similar to  themselves.  Because it is a system the represented set should also have rules which are difficult to represent while following the rules that…make the represented set.  One of the primary indications that what is  being examined is a system–or to use some different words (more accurate in this case) that what is being examined is a set of objects and/or incidents which are causally related.  The main and polarizing assumption there is of course simply that causation is a valid concept.  That, of all the things science via the empirical method has caused (I mean that is, of course, given that anything can cause something else) is the  possibility of a closer examination of things like causation and thus of free will.   One demand is the constant attempt to observe via the senses rather than the beliefs and it’s obviously the hardest.


And that is the first tiny fragment.  To examine that at all thoroughly took a bit over 20 years and I don’t think that this is a part of my thoughts that I could ever regard as finished.


This is automatically protected by Commonlaw Copyright–and the newer versions as well, of course.  I encourage usage of the concepts.  I’d just like attribution and also the ability thereby to clarify concepts I’ve employed which have no dependable relationship to the usual lingual interface.

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