VA and its invisibility

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My first reaction to this was “How little that person knows the VA”.  By the end of it, I realized how much ignorance that betrays–on my part for not considering that lack of knowledge might  be systemic, on a social basis because the VA has taken steps to prevent unwelcome/unexpected monitoring.

Any social structure depends upon stability, most of all provided by the infrastructure, which isn’t elected and goes by its own criteria.  This provides something most easily termed inertia.

I am not prepared at this moment to delve into my experience with the VA.  I suspect that’s upcoming.  If you have an opinion, let me know whether or not I should just post it to a blog, or withhold it from that process–assuming that I have the 5 years and six months at least–and seek publication.

It’s prompted by two things.  The first is what amounts to a Theory of Relativity (Modal Philosophy/Perspectival Nature of Reality) that I probably do need to disseminate. [There is an odd chain of logic in my poetry that tends to be about one’s perception of reality.]  The second is the limited time.  It’s the only method I can think of to explain at the same time as presenting it.  Oddly enough, the experiments have been done.


If you have a reaction–get it out quickly or not, let me know; and of course if you have no opinion…


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