A Long Absence

March 22, 2020 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment

I was very sick for about a year; I used to weigh over 160 pounds and now I struggle to stay at 125; at the worst I weighed 107 pounds. A crumbling marriage took my appetite in the first place; in the second I carried around walking pneumonia for FIFTY YEARS. Yokosuka (my home port during the Vietnam war, since I was assigned to the admiral’s (ComSeventhFlt–7th Fleet is all Far East and he is in charge of all U.S. armed forces there–there was an epidemic of walking pneumonia with only antibiotic for officers. I found out to avoid the medics over this, because there was an associated mortality rate; they only gave expectorants to enlisted.

The antibiotic for that cleaned out the intestinal flora and fauna and I nearly died–at 107 I was put on a liquid diet, for 4 days. They had no choice about that.

Talking about the marriage and dissolution would be extraordinarily stupid. I am not divorced and any talk about an ongoing situation involving the law is somewhere between unwise and illegal. In many ways I don’t want to talk about it because it resurrects memories that are at best stressful and generally painful; I don’t live with her now, after 20 years.

During that year (and a few months) I wrote nearly no poetry. That’s the first time since I started writing poetry at 9. I’m writing again, even keeping a journal on a laptop meant especially for writing–and for time in hospitals. I doubt the pneumonia is cured, and I’m now terrified by hospitals. Part of the reason is what’s happened to me in hospitals, the other stems from being confined in a VA facility (American Lakes); I was overdosed and my leg was mis-set.

The usual timeline for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type VII (7), gives me less than 4 years to live. Since I feel more pain every day, I’m not frightened by the idea. I intend to write about a couple of things concerning coronavirus.

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