An Interim Post

August 8, 2020 at 11:45 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been trying to recover a draft. It isn’t happening, which means I have to return to the habit that never failed; write posts on a word processor and then cut-and-paste to WordPress (or LiveJournal, but I haven’t posted there in a long time; I couldn’t and I had long ago chosen WordPress as my platform, and when apparently I finally could again I’d lost all interest).

That’s the reason for the somewhat long silence. Well, that and my gift with electrical things (the one that was witnessed by the most people was when I knocked down the computer on board ComSeventhflt’s flagship the day the Evacuation–Vietnam–started; it came up the day it ended). Some people may think I brag about it. I’m complaining. I had my old standby XPS 2720 ONE (Dell) apparently get the boot track on yet another HD, which is entirely non-mysterious. Then I switched to this HP Compaq 6200 Pro…and twice it’s somehow forgotten what the boot drive is. Yes, it shows C: on the usual pre-boot menu. This, however, has the full BIOS options as of old. It was booting to Win 10, but the authorized sign-ins were wrong (too many and the wrong ones, as in)–as if it were the 2720, but this should not have been able to boot from that, since it isn’t an AIO for starts. By ‘playing’ around I got it to boot correctly, however, some odd things like Brave [new browser, descendant of Chrome and I do heartily recommend it; for one thing, it’s extremely fast, although I prefer Firefox for security reasons–unless Brave is put into Private Mode which is of all things Tor!] forgetting all its passwords.

Since I’m in random mode, rely on PC Mag for ratings and then go to eBay but watch seller reputation on Antivirus suites, although for other software I would simply head to Ashampoo first.

I’m disappointed to have lost quite a bit of writing. I’d ironically decided to rely on technology, since always before it presented me with the option to recover the draft (even of completed posts).

Yes, that means I “never” rely on technology. Everyone has their stupid moments, though.

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