Trump And The Election

August 21, 2020 at 5:07 pm Leave a comment

To me it has been very apparent that Donald is a worshiper of the notion of the Godking. The separation of church and state (the bias inherent in the very naming of this ‘principle’ should be obvious) is hypothetical, as was Marx’ withering away of the government. Neither is in fact possible. The separation of Realpolitik from any moral system has been proven to occur, and thus far it has proven fatal in the short term to those who attempt to establish it. The people–“the governed” in this formulation I’m mentioning, which attempts to deal only with that favored phrase–are the origin of power. Admittedly, the current amount of control coupled with the percentage of the dissatisfied residents of this country is an explosive mixture, and it cannot be resolved until said citizens–we–have reasserted control.

Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

Vlad and Xi both used tactics to establish their power which Trump admired.

He’s also been attracted to the use of nuclear weapons since before he was president. That is, he talked about it a great deal and was in favor of their usage, from what I could gather of his Rush Limbaugh-like rambling monologues.

There are other things, but I’m tired and wary.


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