As Far as AI

September 24, 2020 at 5:06 pm Leave a comment

  1. What humans actually want is an artificial personality with intelligence. One of the missing components is error. Another is instead of 2-value logic must be 3-value; yes, no, maybe.

2. The means of producing one is quite obvious and potentially dangerous. A laboratory for that would almost have to be off-planet. One of the caveats would be definition of roles. Given that humans were to be observed making a move wrong from its genesis perspective, it might well fit exactly into Arnold Schwarznegger’s series.

3. Logic is and can only be a reflection of how data is processed most efficiently from a ‘human’ perspective. That is, there is no possibility that all logically inferred propositions are true.

4. A lingually-oriented consciousness is a number of things.

A. It operates on the principle of definition by exclusion.

B. Freud’s ‘unconscious mind’ is a misnomer. What one experiences in a timely fashion often has nothing to do with language; it might even be more correct to say “never”.

C. Language is a representative system with exactly one purpose; to facilitate communication within the given group.

D. Language is necessarily linear. It can concentrate on one “thread” at a time.

E. Language with respect to ‘artificial’ [whatevers] operates on the principle of definition by exclusion.

There’s more I have to say, but that’s it for now.

Entry filed under: (my) version of language and its use.

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