The Maori and Their Demise

October 2, 2020 at 1:15 pm Leave a comment

The Maori are still around; that’s an exaggeration. However, they don’t occupy the position they once did, and that shows why.

It seems I met one, who was not anything like a killer and cannibal. The ethnic origins of a person mean nothing if there is no contact with the associated culture, and I am an example. I “should be” a pedophile. Instead, I hate them and had to disown my adopted family in order not to kill one of them. That indicates I was molested, incidentally; I don’t remember it. I come from a service culture that once basically encouraged sexual abuse of children, after all. No, I will not specify what I mean. Fortunately, it’s rapidly dying (and in some cases ‘dying’ is quite literal).

I knew a cannibal as a child, although it took me many years to understand that was what he was referring to. He was ashamed of it, no longer practiced it, and couldn’t manage to deny it.

Mind you, the greatest social sin is quite simply unvarnished honesty.


Entry filed under: social psychology.

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