Finally writing again

August 20, 2021 at 11:47 am 1 comment

The last couple of years were a bit rough. My wife and her daughter spent nearly a year trying to have me committed to Assisted Living [having me adjudged senile and then having most of the money to spend]. Toward the end of that my ex-wife said “I want a divorce”, waffled a bit and then said “I want a separation.” So for 11 months after that, she lived on in the townhouse and I ‘lived’ in motels. I lost a great deal of what I owned. However, every day announces itself a good one in that I don’t have to see her.

I’m living in a travel trailer right now. As of today, I started getting used to it. I was slowly organizing a lot of things and then my friend–in whose driveway trailer is parked–and his wife decided to clean up. They disconnected 5 computers and somehow in the midst (COVID-19 D) a lot of passwords got changed. Finally I’m recovering from all that.

More another time.

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To My Friends from the Vietnam War–Mostly Black and Therefore Mostly Dead A Sidenote

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