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Calls From Unknown Numbers

“Scammer village”–the loosely-knit Internet collection of scammers–is building a phone directory and one that takes notes, just as does.


It’s beginning to look like we sorely need a (private, not governmental–for one thing there’s a vast probability it would instantly be misused) our own list.


*Bear in mind that when it says (for instance) “Microsoft Corporation” and isn’t, it’s a VOIP call.  However, people really are creatures of habit and probably will use the same fake Caller I.D.  They also are obviously getting some hits on people calling them back (for one thing, this is absolute confirmation of a live number and one that will probably pick up, over half of the battle).


If you don’t know the number, assume it’s a fake.  Unless it says ‘Police’ or whatever; then listen carefully and note everything and check with your local authorities, if you can.  Mind you, if you’re growing pot in the closet in a state that doesn’t allow it, give that one a pass.  I’m sure no one does that, but still…


*Oregon has medical marijuana and legalized marijuana.


And realize that I just slipped in a point at the very beginning.  If you get a call from an unknown number and want to check it out–Google it.  I am specifying the search engine because it’s most used.  I will say I’ve experienced disappointing results when I tried Yahoo! and Bing–and if Copernicus is still out there never ever use it.

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Have You Ever Formatted A Nice Big Flash Drive To…

a horribly tiny one?  Have you then wondered what on Earth you could do, short of driving to the nearest computer service and either admitting your mistake or trying to stammer your way into “Well, Windows made me do it!” [which is somewhat reminiscent of something constantly recurring right now, just can’t manage to think of what (Trump) it might be that it’s reminding me of (Trump)], I wonder (Trump) why my fingers keep typing that… [Enough of “Trump made me do it!!” for today, lol…]


I did.  Or else when Windows was formatting the flash memory drive for a recovery drive (I had my mind turned firmly OFF, using anything too big for a recovery drive is asinine) it did turn most of it into a reserved–therefore unusable–partition.  However, as I recall, there was simply a default and I mindlessly accepted it.


What on Earth, you say, is the solution? THAT THIS IS NOT HTTPS.  Scan the download with the antivirus that I know you have before even dreaming of presuming to install it, as I know you do with every download.  Why, I even know you’re looking at VPN offers right now.


Rufus turned a 128 GB flash drive that had been turned into a 32 GB flash drive by formatting…right back into a 128 GB flash drive.  I was using Windows 10.  It was fast.  I also did the scan first, for damaged sectors.  At that point it showed only one unused partition.  So I aborted the process and tried to use it.  Windows told me it had to be formatted (! the thing I wanted !).  So I formatted it to 128 GB and it worked very smoothly.  [120 GB, actually, is usable; 8 GB overhead for tracking files, folders and dates for storage, modification and the lack.


Tomorrow I’ll turn a 32 GB external hard drive back into 3 TB (as I recall, could just possibly have been 2 TB) and make another entry as to the program I used.  I also need to give notes on recovery of the XPS 2720 Dell that took so bloody much time, the Dell 3020 that got hit by a virus among other things, the Alienware and the network that turned alien on it [to be precise, how I optimized something to see how much damage I could do and it was considerable], the NAS (Network Attached Storage, storage for the entire network through the router) that failed because of the RAID setting and appropriate RAID settings for such things, and at some point setting up the VPN on an ASUS RT-AC68U router (that’s what the RT stands for).  That’s not quite all that happened to me while I was virtually (virtuously? whatever) silent…but it may be all I tell.  Whatever.  It was indeed interesting.



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Top Ten Reviews

Don’t trust this site.  Ever.  This site is paid to do its reviews and cheerfully recommends malware, from my personal experience.


Note that I did not actually say that nothing it says is true.  What I said, and will now explain is; “Nothing that a reviewer from this site says can be trusted.”  I will also say that if I found a product recommended here I would go immediately to other sites and check it.


On the same line, incidentally, PC Magazine is a great place for reviews.  Its top reviewer was once an acquaintance of mine.  However, should you download from here, you will employ their downloader which will also attempt to gift you with adware.  The last time I did so–over 10 years ago–even I could not manage to exit installation without adware.  I had to exit the installation–hunt down the adware already installed–search for what was advertised–and ended up going to the company site for the download.  Filehippo, Softonic and a number of others safe in the mid-90s are dangerous now.  My best suggestion is that before you download anything you attempt to get reviews of the site (not the software) in question and that even then you scan the download.  [Google something like ‘how can i scan my downloads’; omission of the question mark wasn’t accidental, usage of it is worthless.]

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SEO Search Engine Optimization IT’S ALL THE LOOKING GLASSES

Search Engine Optimization

I promised I’d do this, but I didn’t mention that I’d be using this as a title.  I actually fully intend to follow a tip about search and recommendation engines.  Remember that this of course mere opinion.  And I’m only a civilian, at that; I’m not a hallowed scientist.  Not even a programmer.  I’m a mere user.  Phhhht as my brother would write.  Fortunately, not really my brother and not much of anything….including someone who could pronounce the word.
Have you noticed that all the recommendation engines in particular proudly advertise that they cannot be bought by those whose recommendations they…advertise?  I’m sure I’m misusing that word.  I must be.
In terms of algorithms as I understand it it’s most likely a question of manipulation of push and pop.  If you decide that a certain value should go to the top of a stack, you do one thing.  An excellent example of this happened on Amazon.  Buffalo storage devices are pretty commonly held to be inferior by their own reviews.  Invariably a review with five stars tops any setting of filters.  On Yelp, oddly enough, it takes at least two steps to view negative reviews, and I found a case where one appeared to have been botted (the one positive review, and by this I mean a generic review of a [business of some sort]) while there were two obviously negative ones.  One I had just put in.  It still came up with a five star reputation.
Apparently this also happened with a Google on a site.  Oh, yes, Stansberry Research, that excellent place that will sell you very incorrect facts for a couple of hundred dollars a year.  With Dr. Ron who was in the Senate for twenty years (although apparently not according to the Senate, but we won’t quibble). [His last name is Paul.  Supposedly.]
There was also some sort of property review in a publication that with a little review appeared to be fraud.  I’m very carefully considering how to approach this and also keeping names out of view.  An article would be fun and educative and if I wrote it would be exactly in line with a scholarly paper.  By that I mean all appropriate sources would be named, and all evidence cited.
However, everyone knows I have a mental problem….
By the way, exactly the same thing happened with WoT (Web of Trust).
NewEgg did not distort their results.
I have not actually at this point investigated a large enough class of objects for them but I did check about 200.
As far as the house pricing game I was extremely surprised and am think about how one might investigate that.  It would have to precisely be the art of moving without movement, and in this context I’ve never done that.  By that I mean one particular vein of investigation and I’ll leave it at that.
I do feel reassured.  I thought I was just being cynical.

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This is NOT About the Article; Don’t Download Players

This is about the video player advertised here, and it’s merely an example.  If you go to you’re going to install malware.

Windows Media Player and Iplayer are the two legitimate ones other than ones you pay for.  If you see something like this in an ad start doing research on it first.  Google it.  If Top Ten Freeware dot com reviews it well it’s malware.  PC Mag and are very reliable.  Downloads from Filehippo are generally riskfree.

After you download it, run it through an online virus checker or three.

Then set a restore point, just in case.

Then try installing it.  However if you have something that won’t play unless you install an unknown player, you’re risking your computer (yes, there are viruses now that can overspeed fans and so forth, and there are things like rootkits) in order to hear something unknown.

My advice?  DON’T.

I feel cruddy today so probably my only other blog entry is this but I saw this accidentally and had to post this.

The reason is that I am STILL recovering my wife’s computer from having downloaded one of those damned players (all I have to do is put in a good AV and I have two to choose from–paid for).

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We Need To Start A Campaign Against ISIS

Every day they need to be sent messages saying simply this:

#Remember Tours #WeAreComing

Also, there need to be epics about Tours and the course of the wars against the would-be conquerors of the Middle East who so miserably failed.  Those who worship Mohammed (pardon me, Allah) are hardly the first.  I’m sure these users of donkeys won’t be the last, and I’m even more sure that their would-be patron Mohammed would curse them and that Allah would give them their just rewards as lovers and followers of Shaitan.

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Morals, Merits and Protocols

There aren’t morals.  Many of our sexual practices actually go back to a time when condoms didn’t exist, which meant that venereal disease was incurable.  We even have record of that in statues of demons and suchlike; those born with venereal disease are by hearsay horribly disfigured.  And generally if not always incurable.  Mind you, I had tuberculosis which was incurable without knowing it; I found that out by turning out positive on a test entering boot camp, but I had the tubercules in my chest (just don’t burst them son or you’ll die; thanks)…and later I turned out negative.  Cured.  Yes, I’m sure there’s a record.  The point is that things happen which are supposedly impossible, not that I performed a miracle or anything of the sort.


Principles of ownership rest mainly on structuring a society.  Our society (which most call societies)  bears the mark of a world which was once somewhat densely populated.  It could not have been on the legendary first continent.  We have the ghosts of the tales; the armies of the blacks who laughed at the whites.  Some of the tales are so grand that perhaps it is no wonder no trace remains of them; any penny-bound and ratchet-minded white man could bear no such thing, any more than he could bear the thought of an unedited and uncontrolled Bible or for that matter more than one name for God or more than one version of the truth, from the Council of Nicea to Calvin.


The problem is that society rest exactly upon protocols, which rest in turn upon shared definitions and reactions.  The definitions, expressions and reactions are in many ways the same thing.  The problem here is how to modify that which seems to be becoming simpler as pondered upon.


Patterns lend valuation through protocol.  *Models.  *‘Factoids‘, the MEDIA’S beloved darling.  A stride, a smile, a sway combined with the correct wording and lighting and you have a million bucks or the conquering of a state. 


Remember that the true rich rarely if ever become visible.  That is not in the least accidental,  it is sheer and mere prudence.  I met two, one by accident and I’m quite sure he didn’t know I realized he was one.  I quite quickly exited and it was many years ago and in a foreign country.  Money does not know a thing about morals.  Morals are something that you follow as a label.  Honor is a private thing and best in my knowledge left unstated.  Any other step leads to inevitable misunderstanding.  Merits can have nothing to do with money, and are always relative.  And protocols are necessarily always formed upon the perspective of the one acting.  [Thank God for autosave, which in the early days of the Internet of course didn’t exist.]  That perspective was taught and generally taught with the addendum that its validity couldn’t change; don’t adapt your perspective from what is taught.  Later this becomes don’t adapt your perspective unless the information is from an approved source.


At which point we’re bouncing between Wikipedia, CBS, WikiLeaks, and Cracked–with Cracked the most valid.


We have to learn quickly, although in some respects we’ve come a long way.  When I was 13 my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to college (before that I was punished for talking about it) because I needed some ‘social adaptation’.  They had no idea what I was talking about if I even mentioned any of my interests.  =I was supposed to listen.


Each two things you tell me tells me at least one thing more.  That in itself might but rarely does tell me a fourth–but the third thing you tell me will at least come close to telling me five, and the 4th most likely 7 and after that it’s in a nonplanar scheme.  I think many things I can’t say.  Very few people do that.  I can’t, um, ‘math’ them because there is no math for it.  ‘It’ being pure perception of patterns.  I’ve proved that one with machines.


And most people establish lifelong habits.  I read and I write.  Reading would be identifiable except I tend to used book stores and like cash.  I avoid libraries.  I can’t help it.  I was taught by the wrong people in circumstances that made me unable to forget the learning.


But then, my DD-214 doesn’t say ‘released by USN’.



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