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I would have burned with you; indeed, I meant to do
so, but I was entranced
by the flowers in the garden behind you. And when I
went to join you, you’d already gone.


This was written pre-Navy.  To be precise, March of 1971.  I was deliberating on many things, including cabbages and kings.  I had become either an agnostic, a zen Buddhist or…a mix of many named beliefs (or a similarity thereto) to which the name zen Buddhist approached most closely.  I’m ‘bad on names’ because names contain far too many implicit and inescapable assumptions, most particularly including schemas based on (“unstated”) value systems–unstated in that their principles are nearly invariably based upon invisible paralogical statements.  Although ‘paralogical’ is a coined word, its antecedents should be fairly…visible.


The essential statement is about the viability of salvation as a gift.  If I ever labeled a concept as intrinsically false, this would be it; however, the statement of a belief or perception is not the thing itself and moreover requires an act to even reach its simulacrum, which brings to two the sources of common and irremediable error.

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say no more, i beg you
(but you cannot listen)
we’ve said all this before, too many far too many

we humans
mistake love for lust, and grief
for anger. you suffered
my touch and i your absence

till absence overtook touching.
now you long
for my reassurance, and i’ve
none, at all, to give.

things change: people change:
and feelings die.
i’ve nothing to say or lend.

in a way i suppose that’s appropriate. we know words
by silence:
before, and after.



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An Example

And a most beautiful one.

To my so-called mind this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, which is the chains of definitions and responses I term protocols.  I do so not least because the military uses them in precisely such fashion and I have seen indications that others do.  However, there is no explanation behind the usage, which is intrinsically fascinating.

If you’d like me to explain let me know.  Otherwise I intend to spend this day Saturday mainly in basically blissful rest.  A lot of this…view of a Different View is mere transcription from notes.


There has been no EEG as yet.  Tri-West/Veteran’s Choice/whatever you might call it first informed me they had no idea what I might be talking about with funding for an “outside” scan and lab work.  That entity is what allows some veterans to have medical work done through “providers” (the current term for practitioners of arts of medicine and associated with it, with the association formal and the process of associating absolutely opaque to the veteran and to many accepted outside practitioners and probably to VA providers–one must be an accepted provider*) with “outside” meaning not employed directly by the Veterans Administration.  The consistent lack of the apostrophe when I write is because that’s the name.

That night, the letter arrived telling me I had funding for the work that I’d called off because there was no funding and it could be done (apparently) at the local VA facility.


I have one poem–a ‘sayings’ (“poem”, I should say, because in fact the sayings are something else, which I can’t name)–which I’ll transcribe and post in a bit. Other than that silence comes closest I think to transcribing peace.  I am for once close to that.  Selah.

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Meeting The Family

as it were, was quite simply a non-event, as I anticipated many years ago.  I’m not even saying I had a sense of deja vu, it occurred as I ‘foresaw’ it; the odd echoing ‘notness’ of the scene explained by the internet, which has some aspects of the tree falling in an unpeopled forest and the sort of sound (the implication that sound requires hearers, and thus definition of many things; names say more about the namer than the named) that transpires…and it was quite a fitting backdrop.  There was a tiny cascade of questions from one person, without even a shard of offered information about [that person’s] self.  I could tell you a great deal, mind, about likes and dislikes; but then my genius is about being able to see patterns.  Perceive, more like, particularly with today’s days’ blurred visions.

There were I think five messages from there, seven responses from mine.  I still am not accustomed to being the eternal outsider.  Mark me well; those are not the words of self-pity or delusion.  My earliest judgement was that most others are stupid.  I stand silent about my current thoughts save to observe that then and now my attitudes have led me when I managed any sort of sanity to stand alone.

To the Muhlheisens as were and may be, I bid you well.  I am rather sure we shall never speak nor meet again.  Eugene it seems doubtless that we would have enjoyed one another’s company a few years back, but it was not so.  There is no timefold here, no master to undo the knots of timely threads and weaves.

–Good grief.

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Ever wonder who thought of the idea of: let’s get them to buy something equivalent=provide the people on the phone (or people ordering from the internet, the self-customer so to speak) the list of said items?

Me.  I did it in 1999 at Harry and David and the idea was taken over by Micki Weaver.  If she would like to sue me for saying that, she’ll lose and I’ll make money.

That is a very concrete example of an idea of mine.  I don’t actually know how I could have turned it into money.



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