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Riding from the west, the knights
promise us freedom:
entranced by their shining armor, we
seek this mysterious thing.

Ah, but, later, we discover
swords powerless against
both greed and death.
Odd, this freedom

our masters brought.


This was written during the Vietnam war, aboard Admiral Steele’s (Commander Seventh Fleet, in charge of all Far East U.S. Armed Forces) flagship CLG-5 USS Oklahoma City.  This is about two contradistinct things; that war and rhetoric surrounding actions which are unjustifiable.  As such, it’s also about politics itself.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNJUSTIFIABLE TO “POINT THE FINGER” AT A GIVEN POLITICAL PARTY OR EVEN METHOD OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATION.  All methods of justifying usage of force by stated hypotheses (theories are the result of hypotheses which haven’t been disproven by tests; there IS NO PROOF available through empiricism.








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I would have burned with you; indeed, I meant to do
so, but I was entranced
by the flowers in the garden behind you. And when I
went to join you, you’d already gone.


This was written pre-Navy.  To be precise, March of 1971.  I was deliberating on many things, including cabbages and kings.  I had become either an agnostic, a zen Buddhist or…a mix of many named beliefs (or a similarity thereto) to which the name zen Buddhist approached most closely.  I’m ‘bad on names’ because names contain far too many implicit and inescapable assumptions, most particularly including schemas based on (“unstated”) value systems–unstated in that their principles are nearly invariably based upon invisible paralogical statements.  Although ‘paralogical’ is a coined word, its antecedents should be fairly…visible.


The essential statement is about the viability of salvation as a gift.  If I ever labeled a concept as intrinsically false, this would be it; however, the statement of a belief or perception is not the thing itself and moreover requires an act to even reach its simulacrum, which brings to two the sources of common and irremediable error.

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I’m Taking A Rather Astonishing Position As Well

It could be that I’m being a trifle ironic and annoying as well.

It turns out that one of Joe’s sons (Joe Biden, that is, you know, the guy in the government*?) got popped on a blood test.  I say that because that’s what the wording of the article implied to me, and you use urinalysis for drug testing.  There was also an odd delay noted according to this article.  Or perhaps, just perhaps, they were confused for a long while.  You see, “The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that Biden had tested position for cocaine. ”  Which would be an odd position to take, indeed.


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Ever wonder who thought of the idea of: let’s get them to buy something equivalent=provide the people on the phone (or people ordering from the internet, the self-customer so to speak) the list of said items?

Me.  I did it in 1999 at Harry and David and the idea was taken over by Micki Weaver.  If she would like to sue me for saying that, she’ll lose and I’ll make money.

That is a very concrete example of an idea of mine.  I don’t actually know how I could have turned it into money.



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