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certain dreams have, yes, failed

but all is

at one angle simple progression. life

is interpretation.

there is no

i find no

ending-place, or respite.

that sun-tortured city i wrote

has become mine, and i wander

its waterless passage-ways

to find that known

end. but there is

no end, no grand finale, with

curtains’ closing, rather

a fading (known in the moment

as gradual, though

in retrospect both sudden

and timeless).

both braveness and endurance,

as weakness

are often times’, not actors’.

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these forward progressions

are, of course, the past’s

quiet destruction

and there must be no doubt

that they are forward

and not circular

(and these are not echoes

through which i plod

by now no undoubted word mouthed, no

truly certain gesture, i–we–

have been abandoned by

true faith’s surety

whispered continuations

there was to be

i quite clearly remember

some marking to the road: these

lent definitions

weren’t to sum all, but merely

lend support toward


ah, lensed are my eyes, a

hearing-trumpet to my ear…i

can scarcely even feel, swaddled

by these ways to truly perceive.

and now,

when one bravely asks for truth

i merely

wash my hands

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these ended ends made all

beginnings, what of

word unspoken, gesture-halted?

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about avoiding speech

shared silences

i wonder if you think
you’ve robbed me of my words.

you gave me something precious:
knowledge, and my only thanks

can be silent.
i used you as an augury.

i thought to have no choice.
the echo you may await can never come.

i have
you see

achieved, in that tiny matter

it is complete.



The relationship to the mentioned hexagram is via a rather different interpretation, incorporating 24.  This poem is about the writer committing an error by not attempting to act with ‘firm correctness’.  It is also a very dour picture of the future, but then this is merely a story. One hopes.

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