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Putin’s Economic Solution: Military Spending – Bloomberg Business

Putin’s Economic Solution: Military Spending – Bloomberg Business. The United States relies on it and it’s worked quite well. Take a look at LMT and how it’s doing (for instance). However, the hilarious part is “Putin, who warns of a threat from the West and the need for more self-sufficiency, has vowed to spend the full amount budgeted for the military. He’s already ended the Russian military’s purchases from abroad, so the army will buy only from Russian suppliers”, and ‘State-run defense contractors stand to benefit: … (Each tank costs about $4 million to $5 million to make. Mass production won’t start anytime soon.)’
Destroyers and planes run more, incidentally.

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About Unemployment in the United States

Official unemployment figures are EXACTLY this:  those who claim unemployment benefits.

This does not include:  those who can’t fulfill the requirements (and are honest, out of fear) and therefore can’t file–more on this momentarily; those who have exited the job force because of discrimination which can’t be pursued (primarily the aged), and those who are regarded as (for a myriad of reasons) “unemployable”.

Some people can’t file because they don’t have a phone or a reliable address.  The way down can be really hard, and very few people are Lindsay Lohan (rich, with rich backing).  From my experience, people who become homeless the hard way  A large part of it seemed to be a loss of identity, by which I mean they lost their feeling of purposefulness in life, of focus and thus of self.  Oddly enough when you’re in that condition it’s much easier to get sick and much harder to recover.

You have to be ready to work at any time of day or not for any amount of hours in order to qualify for unemployment.  The scared honest ones outnumber the cheaters because the department does check, increasingly.

And if you’re fifty or older, your chances of getting hired steadily diminish.  I’m actually not sure precisely why.  My perception both working with most of the younger people in fields that required concentration and patience and having to deal with them, being the subject of their “work” so to speak, isn’t the kindest for said younger people.  However, I must say I had the same perception to a great extent when I was that age–of my peers.  I do notice a difference in that there is increasingly less literacy and much more of inability to do anything but follow.

There is also a surprising trend toward ideographic usage by means of acronyms and various ’emoticons’.

The reason I include this is that it may have an effect on hiring, since those who hire are generally a good deal younger than thirty, and they would share traits.

And the point of all this is that there is much more to the economy and what is affecting it than what is weighed in officially.  A great deal is labeled irrelevant automatically.  The endless dithering about when the Fed will start raising interest rates hinges on ‘unemployment rates’ which don’t bear an actual relationship to the amount of people employed in this country and fail to even give a nod to the ones who wish to be employed in this country but have given up; they have tried too many times to no avail.  And for every job there are a hundred applicants.  There is a widening gulf, and it is aided by a complete lack of perception.  To even attempt to label things as just and unjust when there is so much outright ignorance involved is fruitless but I must say I’m tempted.

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OnStar is not an insurance provider, and is not offering, recommending, endorsing, or advising on any insurance product or provider.  JUST THINK, THAT WAS COPIED DIRECTLY FROM AN E-MAIL.  JUST THINK, THAT MEANS THAT OnStar is always keeping its beady little eyeball on you.  There is no reason to suppose that it’s actually not on when you can’t get the benefits, although there’s no way I can think of to determine that.  Just think, I may have to quite using OnStar.

If I’d wanted you to keep your eyes on me I’d have asked you to be dicks.  [No, Sally, that’s a term for “private eye” or detective.]

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Back to “Work”

I’ve been busy on Quora, and I notice a growing interest in what I have to say.  This was lying in wait, because I realized years ago, long before the Internet existed, in the days of paper tape and UNIVAC, that most probably the thoughts that inspired my actions then would still be needed now.  I wrote a two and a half page note to the powers-that-be (ComSeventhFlt–>JCS–>upward) that was designed to prevent WWIII for the time being, then.  By doing so I influenced the economy of the world.  I knew that if it worked I would be and I knew that it was supposedly utterly impossible that I could.  I had the opportunity because of that and two other things to remain in the ranks of the powerful and to actually become known in a couple of years; I felt that it would have been at the price of my soul.  I fled that war; I fled that position of power (or illusion) and I convinced myself that I knew that there were others like me.  In fact I assured myself there were others much more intelligent who knew much more, who had already thought of that and who would precede me.  I tried to ensure that I would not be alive now, just to insure that…I would not need to act again.  I knew that my insights could not possibly be unique.

In 1992 I got a degree in psychology, and the vein of logic and observation I had used was something that current theoreticians in any applicable field was still something utterly my own.  It worked.  I used that method in high school to actually pass two tests in subjects at which I wasn’t good–without studying.  They were multiple choice tests, and I used the patterning employed by the given teachers in the given tests.  I missed one question between the two tests.  My (private) saying in high school was “Tell me two things and you tell me three” and it very much applied in the Navy–and afterward; I actually did some research in the public sector to confirm some things.  Things, let me add, that were supposedly classified Top Secret.

According to that little paper (according to Brunner’s theories, Kissinger’s theories, the theories of the military at JCS rank and their strategists (to whom they hoped to co-opt me) there was going to come a period of collapse.  Partially it would be caused by the transition of “Third World Countries” to a recognized status and realize that part of the warlike clash would be caused by the very usage of “Third World” and its negative connotations.  Part of it would be caused by the virtual disappearance of material production (factories that make cars, for instance) from countries such as ours because of labor costs and environmental concerns.  Most of all it would be caused by a massive increase in population–a necessary concentration of the mass of population in urban areas (this was achieved here as of the 1990 census, over half the population lived in cities)–and a consequent, maintained and deliberately increased demarcation between the wealthy, the ‘middle class’ and the poor.  I recognized at that time that the poor served a social function of defining privilege and presenting an intrinsic warning should one lose the societally-conferred right to exist (that is, right to food, shelter, warmth and protection from casual crime).

Who among us who isn’t homeless hasn’t seen how they are treated and whether ‘consciously’ or not decided at every level that that was a step toward hell?  And now ponder, if you are not one of them, that most of us live   paycheck to paycheck.  Many live working for consciously brutal employers, with no recourse at all (Oregon, for instance, as most, is a hire-at-will/fire-at-will state, and if fired there are no benefits).  I recognized this as a direct result and so did those who took my advice.  And the alternative, which was attractive to some, was nuclear war.  Why, it would even have taken care of the overpopulation! although they didn’t like the reminder that there would be some people waiting at the doors of the hardened bunkers those who would use the nukes had ready.

I am trying again to convince myself I’m merely mad.  That’s what my compensation is for, after all.

The unfortunate part is that the threat is in the Middle East, it does involve religion and nukes and it involves once again regrettable acts in the past.  Mind you, we were warned a millennium ago, at Tours.  Surely others will rise.  I am merely an old man, dying of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and anti-seizure medications.  I have begun to write again; I am pondering how to put snippets in here.  I will put a copyright reminder with each one, now.  Not for pay, but so I will  receive attribution.  Having spent 50 years mapping out a new sort of social theory, I need to have it available in a structured format…which means, precisely in line with the theory, I am actually attempting at the onset to provide an informational/definitive/social and therefore protocol-oriented…stability, although hopefully it’s not in the least exclusion-oriented as well.  I will say that at the outset I basically equate Marxism and capitalism and for that matter at least most proposed religiously-oriented value systems.  The reason is that the core is a socially assigned right to llive.  The method of assignment appears to vary but can be nicely defined as nearly identical.  I wrote all of the notes over fifty years, believe me, although I haven’t retained them.  I suppose I should have, but at the time my audience was me and I didn’t need to read what I had written.

Whether I’m correct or not doesn’t concern me now.  I just feel a need to teach what I seem to have learned.  What’s done with it is unlikely to involve me.

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