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the world begins
just outside my door.
here: see the mark? i’ve traced it

quite clearly, i think.

do you understand
why so often
i keep my door so firmly closed?


Written days before I entered the Navy in August of 1971.


Odd, it seems particularly applicable now in these days of the media screaming about Trump, pro and con, and constructing a consequently distorted image–with the sole intent of selling more “news”.


My new definition of ‘news’; a current, popularized icon-oriented [icon: “A conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel; venerated in the Eastern Church.”–a stylistic representation of a person that represents a form of belief; quite often they were used in the form of triptychs from what I’ve seen and read] which exists for the sole purpose of acquiring power or value.


Unfortunately that statement will inevitably please the naive members of both sides and quite possibly even the members of various news-oriented media.


Media is the plural of medium; language is a medium; a medium is necessary for any and all forms of communication.  Those who simply refer to the  media generally don’t know that the root word exists and haven’t a clue as to what it might mean.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization IT’S ALL THE LOOKING GLASSES

Search Engine Optimization

I promised I’d do this, but I didn’t mention that I’d be using this as a title.  I actually fully intend to follow a tip about search and recommendation engines.  Remember that this of course mere opinion.  And I’m only a civilian, at that; I’m not a hallowed scientist.  Not even a programmer.  I’m a mere user.  Phhhht as my brother would write.  Fortunately, not really my brother and not much of anything….including someone who could pronounce the word.
Have you noticed that all the recommendation engines in particular proudly advertise that they cannot be bought by those whose recommendations they…advertise?  I’m sure I’m misusing that word.  I must be.
In terms of algorithms as I understand it it’s most likely a question of manipulation of push and pop.  If you decide that a certain value should go to the top of a stack, you do one thing.  An excellent example of this happened on Amazon.  Buffalo storage devices are pretty commonly held to be inferior by their own reviews.  Invariably a review with five stars tops any setting of filters.  On Yelp, oddly enough, it takes at least two steps to view negative reviews, and I found a case where one appeared to have been botted (the one positive review, and by this I mean a generic review of a [business of some sort]) while there were two obviously negative ones.  One I had just put in.  It still came up with a five star reputation.
Apparently this also happened with a Google on a site.  Oh, yes, Stansberry Research, that excellent place that will sell you very incorrect facts for a couple of hundred dollars a year.  With Dr. Ron who was in the Senate for twenty years (although apparently not according to the Senate, but we won’t quibble). [His last name is Paul.  Supposedly.]
There was also some sort of property review in a publication that with a little review appeared to be fraud.  I’m very carefully considering how to approach this and also keeping names out of view.  An article would be fun and educative and if I wrote it would be exactly in line with a scholarly paper.  By that I mean all appropriate sources would be named, and all evidence cited.
However, everyone knows I have a mental problem….
By the way, exactly the same thing happened with WoT (Web of Trust).
NewEgg did not distort their results.
I have not actually at this point investigated a large enough class of objects for them but I did check about 200.
As far as the house pricing game I was extremely surprised and am think about how one might investigate that.  It would have to precisely be the art of moving without movement, and in this context I’ve never done that.  By that I mean one particular vein of investigation and I’ll leave it at that.
I do feel reassured.  I thought I was just being cynical.

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