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Deflection of Blame

Trump deflected blame for the confusion at airports over the weekend on protesters and on a computer outage at Delta Air Lines Inc. that caused flight cancellations, even though that occurred more than 48 hours after the president’s order and lasted only three hours.


There was a president who served three terms.


There is a mode in which the country allows extraordinary powers to the president.  Martial law can (and as I recall is) be enforced without any other approval–I mean martial law is the default in this situation.  Rights are abrogated.


Trump came into office claiming this mode.  This mode is called “a state of war”.  As I recall it must be formally declared (in order for these powers to be invoked).  As I recall during both World Wars trading was suspended on the stock market/funds were simply held.  Surely I’m wrong.


There is a Republican majority which is apparently eager to join with the Russians in a (Russia-defined) fight against ISIS.


Trump is first and foremost a salesman.  That defines his morality.  He is very wealthy, which makes it impossible for him to identify with the average citizen of this nation–of whatever race, creed or other identifying characteristic.  Examination of his business records with an eye to honesty I found less than totally reassuring.


If you read The Art of War or The Prince (the latter I found easier, I admit), you will find that the best way for the King to deflect blame is declare an enemy and blame everything on him.  This would also be an ideal step toward creating a tyranny, and it’s not clear at all that that would be widely resisted.  It would be welcomed by some, clearly.


I was forced into my job in the Navy because of what they fancied a certain talent at pattern analysis, and familiarity with a somewhat large class of ideas, hypotheses and theories.


“This is not a drill.  This is not a drill!  All hands on deck!”

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answer (2)

answer (2)

you awaited answer so long
that quite assuredly you no longer expected it:
indeed, you’d forgotten the question

when a quiet voice spoke,
a small voice, perhaps
interior, saying, “not the thing but its meaning;

the word’s inflection, not
the word:  uncurved lines
are the mind’s product.
there is no certain course

nor goal.  between
birth and death is only a moment.  look.  be.”  but,
no longer
quite recalling your query,

you merely pause for a moment, startled, and then
to your housework and vague musings

on the absence of joy, and dreams.


I began studying something on a ship voyage to Japan.  My adopted mother couldn’t bear traveling by plane.  It’s the sort of study that you finish by entirely missing the way or dying.

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When Trump Becomes President

Just remember, everyone but the Indians has to leave.  Only the true Americans shall remain!


Or have we all forgotten our history?


Incidentally oregonnerd AT gmail DOT com


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