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I’m still here, but….

I once again got hacked, while setting up a computer–the one where /C: drive failed–again.  Evidently it was because I didn’t set up a non-Windows AV immediately but let Windows Defender handle it when I just had to get on the internet.  At the exact moment that someone had disabled real-time protection on [my chosen AV for that machine at that moment] and completely disabled Windows Defender I attempted a scan and failed.  I’m sure I know when and I did what I could, but with the information I had it was TIME THEN to do a refresh, keeping my files but no software.


I’m getting close to the point of keeping all but one computer-based Windows OS off the internet on the whole and using the laptop for that connect.  There are a number of options to explore.  Anyway I’m happy I caught it within (as I said) moments literally of the occurrence.  I would say there’s a large possibility of it having been ransomware.

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Alternate Browsers, Freeware, Orca

Orca bears a relationship to both Firefox and Google.  It’s had something like one security vulnerability in the last year, and it’s one of the least-used browsers, mainly because there are so many of them.  You could add that each and every one of them has its own little peculiarities, too.  Orca uses little RAM, is fast to load, and lacks a lot of the built-in supposed security features of (say) IE.  You can disable Pop-ups, Sounds, Videos, ActiveX, Scripts and Java Applets as usual; there are several tab options…and you can use some Mozilla add-ons.  It’s an attractive browser and a work-in-progress.  And I am thinking about switching away from Firefox now because it is targeting more and more attention from badware writers.


You can even import favorites and that sort of thing.  Perhaps I should have mentioned that.  As far as passwords go, I would not import that kind of file but build it from scratch, just in case.  However, I am actually certifiably paranoid (part of the PTSD package) so if you want you can discount that.

[I forgot to mention that I carefully posted that using Orca.  The rendering problems I reported on about 18 months ago were not at all evident, not just on the pages of WordPress.  That is a tremendous step forward, believe it or not.  I should have added too that disabling ActiveX and so on (which are not enabled by default, necessarily, on Orca) is very easy–and may end up with some web pages that can’t be navigated except by turning them on.  There are online gaming sites were some security controls aren’t even possible (I even play on one of them, and not as ‘oregonnerd’).]

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The Most Vulnerable Browser

Firefox, for now.


P.S.  Which is why I intended the review of browsers this week.  I haven’t forgotten.  I think I only have 8 installed.  The best was the freeware browser with the notepad…that led on a quick & easy search to the moniker for a hacker.  Incidentally, a recent scan turned up badware.  A trojan.  That was apparently installed courtesy of adware on the site he uses for his blog.  I was truly grateful.  I just hide it well.

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The Debate Rages On…

How much evil does spam do?  My God, greenhouse effect.  Pretty soon it will be right up there with cow farts.


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Work at Home and Similar Schemes

Here is an example of very simple detective work.

This is from

This is a “sponsored ad”–2nd one down when I looked, and I’m not fighting with image placeholders and the like.

And here is the small print (make sure to enlarge it if necessary) :  If you’re using WOT I’ve already marked it as a bad site. is in general a good site.  No one is perfect.  And absolutely no one can review all potential ads.


[links have been disabled on this; it’s a cut-and-paste sort of thing]

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Sometimes, guys…

the best thing to do is retreat.  The ladies do have mean swings.


P.S.  A lot of Whidbey Island is devoted to the military and its dependents.  Thus one of the tags.  (The Navy Air Field is called Ault Field.  Damned if I know why.)

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Conficker Test

And that most likely does it for the day.  I’m sick.


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Student Pad, a New (Freeware) Browser

You’ll note I haven’t provided any links.  I had intended to cover this piece of freeware–offered in CNET, no less, how I heard of it.  So I did a bit of sleuthing.  “Haxbro” could be a user-name.  Let’s note that, first, and that the name of the “company” (stated in the fine print to be basically one person; there’s enough information to lead to a search…which leads to a blog on dangerous site) is that user-name.  That dangerous site parenthetically mentioned is a threat of a click-jack; I ended up having to do a shutdown in order to avoid copying something (presumably an exe file of some sort) to my desktop.  [That’s one of the reasons you don’t shut off things like User Access Control, because the very thing that makes it a pain in the butt makes it the occasional butt-saver.]

Better than that, I used an alternate e-mail address to contact [him?] the author with no reply.

Don’t use Student Pad.


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PC Hell

PC Hell is the name  of a website maintained by a local computer professional that can be of help in, well…PC Hell.


Full Disclosure:  I live about 60 miles away.  Don’t know him.

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Password Manager Freeware

I’m tempted to quit looking.  Password Safe–this Password Safe, I mean–has just become my password manager of choice, in preference to Oubliette.  There are too many conveniences that Mark whosit* was going to add, and he simply got too busy, just as he could no longer respond to e-mails.  I do intend to continue coverage of the matter until I’ve at least reached the end of my couple of searches on Copernic and WebFerret (yeah, I do intend to provide links at some point to the just-mentioned desktop internet search engines…but I might as well let people build up anticipation, or something).


*Jedlinski, and no disrespect intended.  Partially because of the epilepsy, my memory for names has gotten even worse.

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