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The US role as superpower

and Trump, and Obama.  Since the ending of World War II the U.S. has a (self-) generated program to “Bring the American Way to the World” as one commercial had it a year or two ago.  We narrowly avoided making Vietnam a territory of ours.  It would probably have been brief.  The U.S. started shipping troops out before I joined the Navy; they heavily intensified that process a few years before the end of the war.  Indications I read were that they were being staged at Guam for Afghanistan.  [I have never been able to find anything to contraindicate that–knowing that all military news that is government generated comes from the PAO, which has access to unclassified materials only.  At this time I don’t think it’s wise to point out something that should have become very obvious with that statement.  I remember running over a captain (who tried to have me court-martialed) to grab a TS  message from a PAO (Public Affairs Office, TS=Top Secret; nothing above that was put into the local computer system).  However, I did know what to look for.  The news, since Dunkirk, has been regarded as a tactical weapon.  End of heavy hints.]


Korea, Vietnam…the Middle East.


There are a number of things I could say, but none of them would be wise.  Those who were in “my” guild Unity could probably decipher that easily.  I have been trying to make this simple while avoiding direct statements.


Bringing the American Way to the World, however, has been defined as imperialism by others.  We have started wars because of the way that people were being treated in their own lands.  Obama was apparently attempting to leave the judgment to the UN, which I doubt Trump will support in any way or fashion other than the obligatory.  I do feel that a war against ISIS is justified and is self defense.  Attempting to profile and catch existent residents will catch more innocents than targets.  Our action in the past has been to confine all of a certain race during violent outbursts, of many races.  The Republicans are bursting with pride that Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) will be left open, and are trying to kill any diplomatic relationship with Cuba at the same time.


Our president is convinced he’s better at the game than a master spy.  The timing of his marriage seems interesting to me.  Finding classified material and broadcasting it to the world has become the easiest way to be a hero.  Trump himself conformed to broadcast expectations as I recall.  But then I’m surely wrong.  All of his supporters would tell me so.


As far as his personal life I’m frankly indifferent.  It’s how he does the job.  Judging by statements, his choice of Cabinet members, and his reaction to suggestions by assistants, I lack hope.


Glenn (Samwise Davies)


I actually wasn’t going to write this.  There are a good many things I don’t tell.  I have never known a rich man particularly sympathetic to what he regards as the poor.  For one thing, if he became too sympathetic he’d join them and it’s happened.  Most NFL quarterbacks retire poor.  (Not after retiring from the NFL.)  Many people we “instinctively” think of as rich weren’t or became poor quickly.



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Morals, Merits and Protocols

There aren’t morals.  Many of our sexual practices actually go back to a time when condoms didn’t exist, which meant that venereal disease was incurable.  We even have record of that in statues of demons and suchlike; those born with venereal disease are by hearsay horribly disfigured.  And generally if not always incurable.  Mind you, I had tuberculosis which was incurable without knowing it; I found that out by turning out positive on a test entering boot camp, but I had the tubercules in my chest (just don’t burst them son or you’ll die; thanks)…and later I turned out negative.  Cured.  Yes, I’m sure there’s a record.  The point is that things happen which are supposedly impossible, not that I performed a miracle or anything of the sort.


Principles of ownership rest mainly on structuring a society.  Our society (which most call societies)  bears the mark of a world which was once somewhat densely populated.  It could not have been on the legendary first continent.  We have the ghosts of the tales; the armies of the blacks who laughed at the whites.  Some of the tales are so grand that perhaps it is no wonder no trace remains of them; any penny-bound and ratchet-minded white man could bear no such thing, any more than he could bear the thought of an unedited and uncontrolled Bible or for that matter more than one name for God or more than one version of the truth, from the Council of Nicea to Calvin.


The problem is that society rest exactly upon protocols, which rest in turn upon shared definitions and reactions.  The definitions, expressions and reactions are in many ways the same thing.  The problem here is how to modify that which seems to be becoming simpler as pondered upon.


Patterns lend valuation through protocol.  *Models.  *‘Factoids‘, the MEDIA’S beloved darling.  A stride, a smile, a sway combined with the correct wording and lighting and you have a million bucks or the conquering of a state. 


Remember that the true rich rarely if ever become visible.  That is not in the least accidental,  it is sheer and mere prudence.  I met two, one by accident and I’m quite sure he didn’t know I realized he was one.  I quite quickly exited and it was many years ago and in a foreign country.  Money does not know a thing about morals.  Morals are something that you follow as a label.  Honor is a private thing and best in my knowledge left unstated.  Any other step leads to inevitable misunderstanding.  Merits can have nothing to do with money, and are always relative.  And protocols are necessarily always formed upon the perspective of the one acting.  [Thank God for autosave, which in the early days of the Internet of course didn’t exist.]  That perspective was taught and generally taught with the addendum that its validity couldn’t change; don’t adapt your perspective from what is taught.  Later this becomes don’t adapt your perspective unless the information is from an approved source.


At which point we’re bouncing between Wikipedia, CBS, WikiLeaks, and Cracked–with Cracked the most valid.


We have to learn quickly, although in some respects we’ve come a long way.  When I was 13 my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to college (before that I was punished for talking about it) because I needed some ‘social adaptation’.  They had no idea what I was talking about if I even mentioned any of my interests.  =I was supposed to listen.


Each two things you tell me tells me at least one thing more.  That in itself might but rarely does tell me a fourth–but the third thing you tell me will at least come close to telling me five, and the 4th most likely 7 and after that it’s in a nonplanar scheme.  I think many things I can’t say.  Very few people do that.  I can’t, um, ‘math’ them because there is no math for it.  ‘It’ being pure perception of patterns.  I’ve proved that one with machines.


And most people establish lifelong habits.  I read and I write.  Reading would be identifiable except I tend to used book stores and like cash.  I avoid libraries.  I can’t help it.  I was taught by the wrong people in circumstances that made me unable to forget the learning.


But then, my DD-214 doesn’t say ‘released by USN’.



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A More Challenging Driving Test in Maryland

This will indeed freak some people out.  There’s going to be a real driving test.  Hopefully this will include the mandatory certification tests for the elderly.  A real-world test is going to be better.  Ideally it would include pedestrians throwing themselves in front of vehicles; vehicles flagrantly violating all rules of law, safety and reason; emergency vehicles–and simply the unexpected.  Especially the police officer with an attitude.  I suppose that would be taking it a bit too far.  Maybe we should be thinking in different directions.  One of the Supreme Justices was talking about a car being a privilege (driving and possessing one, rather).  He should try getting food at a bargain without a car.  At least in this valley, transportation for the handicapped is so fraught with requirements you basically can’t shop (and don’t forget you can’t shop for too much at a time).  Better than that, let him walk home with his dinner or better his savings, and do it on a minimal income.  He doesn’t represent the people.  I suppose what he represents and intends to represent is his idea of the rightness of things.  Perhaps he drapes nude statues in his spare time.


My back really, really hurts; in the way that reminds me I won’t be walking for all that long.  Pardon me for the attitude, and admire my lack of foul language.

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After all these years

I still hate computers.  1972.  Never mind.  I can’t count that far.  When they work right, they’re magnificent.  When they’re as usual, um.  Put it this way.  I try to refrain from adult comments, particular vernacular.  I have it.  They’re a fundamental pain, most of the time.  [After having edited a comment on PC World three times.]


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You mean…

photographers really aren’t zombies?


(Still sick.  After all these years.)

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The fun of puns

This is without doubt the most pointless article I can recall having read.  It approaches humor (I’m reminded of some fake lecture by Mark Twain, in fact).  It villifies and uses the part of unning, at once.  My actual reaction was “So what?”  Pun or don’t; just don’t go on about it.  Please.  Then again, the NYT (New York Times) is reactionary, stratified, stultified and crystallized into kneejerk reactions and definitions, combined with a complete absence of the ability to learn on the part of its editors.


aaargh.  That, I suppose, is what the above translates to.

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Reverse Mortgages

…And here I thought they were for us renters, too.  The police have no sense of humor at all, either.



At least I can smile after we got turned down for food stamps.

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Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is an extremely good source for electronics.  Building your own computer isn’t nearly as hard as you might think and allows you to buy generic parts.  (If I want to upgrade the graphics in my Hewlett Packard, I have to find one that has the plug-in bridge on “the wrong side”–the opposite side from most cards.  This ensures I buy HP hardware, and is one of the drawbacks of the out-of-the-box computer, just like the ton of crapware sold with a new computer.)  You can also buy tv’s there, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen stereos mentioned (I just haven’t looked, since I have a 250-watt system (RMS) that has me pretty well satisfied); you can buy car stereos there.

By “extremely good” I mean very good quality.  Very good customer service.  And in some categories–given when you order–so we can really say “In some categories, at some times”…they have the best prices on the net.


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About Consciousness

It appears that my actual concern is the first establishment of society.  That can be defined as the formalization of language, allowing the communication of definitions and concepts rather than only immediate actions.  Given that any of this is valid, value is always relative particularly with respect to time.  And identity once socialized is far different from pre-civilization constructions, just as survival-oriented protocols are nearly symmetrically opposite between presocial and social forms.


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An Unsurprising Alert: Watch It

There is a rise in spam, fakes, come-ons and general duplicity on the Internet.  It seems to be connected to the latest economic troubles.  Although it is entirely unsurprising, it’s a good time to be especially alert for phishing tactics.  And if it seems to good to be true…


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