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the world begins
just outside my door.
here: see the mark? i’ve traced it

quite clearly, i think.

do you understand
why so often
i keep my door so firmly closed?


Written days before I entered the Navy in August of 1971.


Odd, it seems particularly applicable now in these days of the media screaming about Trump, pro and con, and constructing a consequently distorted image–with the sole intent of selling more “news”.


My new definition of ‘news’; a current, popularized icon-oriented [icon: “A conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel; venerated in the Eastern Church.”–a stylistic representation of a person that represents a form of belief; quite often they were used in the form of triptychs from what I’ve seen and read] which exists for the sole purpose of acquiring power or value.


Unfortunately that statement will inevitably please the naive members of both sides and quite possibly even the members of various news-oriented media.


Media is the plural of medium; language is a medium; a medium is necessary for any and all forms of communication.  Those who simply refer to the  media generally don’t know that the root word exists and haven’t a clue as to what it might mean.

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Long Absence

A car accident started the lapse, then the brain scan (EEG to be precise, not MRI) in order to be weaned off a rather nasty drug (anti-convulsive, not a painkiller–rather the reverse–basically poisonous) which was initially used as an antidepressant.  That means there are mental and emotional effects; as it turns out I’m less likely to have seizures now, but that’s another story.  There were also some interesting family happenings (“May you live in interesting times,” as in), and some real threats to veterans and those collecting social security.  A portion of my past revealed itself to me yet again; however, detailing it would not be in my favor.  It’s best if I seem normally unconscious of various things.



Nothing in the article is untrue, exactly.  What is true is freely available in the public domain.  What isn’t known and therefore isn’t said…is the important part, and the reason I’m pointing this out is…the real ‘purpose’ of the article is the reacquaint those who do know with how far out of touch ‘media people’ are with certain realities and how immensely dangerous it would be to even moderately correct the evident misapprehensions on the part of the author.  One hint; the biggest reasons aren’t even mentioned.  Guess what.  I shan’t be the first to tell one word more, if I ever shall, which I  doubt. Almost undoubtedly Snowden knew about me (not by name) and thought I was heroic, another example of why I know he’s an ass.

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