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sudden wisdom

sudden wisdom

having thought, far too often
to love or know or understand
to name, to limit

confronted by the thought
of you, i’ve no response.


Very, very occasionally I think I approach what I mean.  But then that may well be sheer self-illusionment.


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By Request, One of My ‘Haiku’

English cannot actually produce haiku, unfortunately; there are rules about rhymes and rhythms impossible in it.  I had written some haiku “according to the rules” and learned that.  I concentrated on that intensely for about six weeks.  I would have been ten or eleven, about the time that we left Japan, although it seems that I had begun my attempts toward haiku before we boarded the ship back to the United States.

I destroyed or lost (maybe deliberately) all of my poetry written before I left home with the exception of a very few.  The vast majority of my writing has been destroyed; for every word I have written I have destroyed at least ten.  For one thing I have PTSD.  For another as an artist I tend toward perfectionism or OCD or WTF you wish to call it.

Yes, this is an apologia, although not an apology.

This is the first example released publicly (other than the one comparing the sun to narcissus, which is public domain now) in decades.  I’ll also be submitting to the Troubadour Contest, although not this poem.


this wilted rose

recalls you; its petals crumble at the slightest


A memnon is the smallest unit of memory.  Although my wife’s nickname is Rose, this was written…decades before I met her or even had met anyone called Rose.

The image is of a dried rose (I touched one once and it did).  The person?  I’ll let you answer that.

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