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“One thing all liars have in common (brace yourself)…”

They fart a lot.


Sorry, but I think that every time I see the ad.  To make things worse [fair warning, you might not want to read this.]


There’s been a lot of scientific speculation about why humans and dogs got together.  The actual explanation is quite simple.  We hadn’t invented toilet paper yet

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An Ode To Our Leader

An Ode To Our Leader


There was no stopping

Time, nor place nor mapped way;

we  just voyaged unpausing

to our GOAL which


as we voyaged, we found

was mostly what it was*

–a word, and vague fancies.


…Freedom is barely valued

until it’s lost


*our goal, i should say,

which simply receded


his goal was to rule us

and easily succeeded.

most of us simply wanted CHANGE;

that goal we’ve certainly achieved!

We have a Leader now

Long Live The Leader And The Party!


I wasn’t going to make any comments, I’ll make one.  The entire resemblance of this to certain manifestoes is quite unplanned, of course.  That would require sarcasm, which I barely know how to recognize let alone use.  I am proud of knowing the word, though.

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parable (2)

parable (2)

in the country of the blind, i’ve been told, the one-
eyed man is king.

but to be sane in the madmen’s cities?–
it is suicide.



This of course has nothing to do with current conditions.


I am also not at all disturbed by current conditions.


–Or right now I’m waiting before saying anything true on the subject, as much as I can restrain myself.  I can say “I told you so”.  I wish, I so wish I hadn’t been right.  This poem was written in 1973 aboard the USS Oklahoma City, CLG-5, ComSeventhFlt.  I’d thrown overboard my notebook (that was in the form used for ships’ logbooks) after having been told by someone in the compartment that I had an unbelievably big audience.

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Meeting The Family

as it were, was quite simply a non-event, as I anticipated many years ago.  I’m not even saying I had a sense of deja vu, it occurred as I ‘foresaw’ it; the odd echoing ‘notness’ of the scene explained by the internet, which has some aspects of the tree falling in an unpeopled forest and the sort of sound (the implication that sound requires hearers, and thus definition of many things; names say more about the namer than the named) that transpires…and it was quite a fitting backdrop.  There was a tiny cascade of questions from one person, without even a shard of offered information about [that person’s] self.  I could tell you a great deal, mind, about likes and dislikes; but then my genius is about being able to see patterns.  Perceive, more like, particularly with today’s days’ blurred visions.

There were I think five messages from there, seven responses from mine.  I still am not accustomed to being the eternal outsider.  Mark me well; those are not the words of self-pity or delusion.  My earliest judgement was that most others are stupid.  I stand silent about my current thoughts save to observe that then and now my attitudes have led me when I managed any sort of sanity to stand alone.

To the Muhlheisens as were and may be, I bid you well.  I am rather sure we shall never speak nor meet again.  Eugene it seems doubtless that we would have enjoyed one another’s company a few years back, but it was not so.  There is no timefold here, no master to undo the knots of timely threads and weaves.

–Good grief.

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After all these years

I still hate computers.  1972.  Never mind.  I can’t count that far.  When they work right, they’re magnificent.  When they’re as usual, um.  Put it this way.  I try to refrain from adult comments, particular vernacular.  I have it.  They’re a fundamental pain, most of the time.  [After having edited a comment on PC World three times.]


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Sometimes, guys…

the best thing to do is retreat.  The ladies do have mean swings.


P.S.  A lot of Whidbey Island is devoted to the military and its dependents.  Thus one of the tags.  (The Navy Air Field is called Ault Field.  Damned if I know why.)

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You mean…

photographers really aren’t zombies?


(Still sick.  After all these years.)

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On Intelligence

In reply to:
Is a biological being with all of the physical characteristics distinguishing the human…discernibly human without the effect of society?
A scale representing the relationship between irregular data inputs (reality, if you will) and a regular representational system is interesting because of its implications regarding value.  I doubt value is intrinsic.
This directly implies–pardon me, would seem to–task-oriented valuation.  Relativity, in a word.
Intelligence may be best defined as an ability to form sequences of protocols, then, that best fulfill the task at hand (probably beginning with survival).
Some of these protocols for the human necessarily involve interaction.
The hypotheses involved, then, in the mere discussion of the subject of the enhancement of intelligent, form an effectively infinite field of definitions.  Best of all–what would a “genius” confronted with the “real world” do?  Try to join in, or hide?

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Important News About Rush Limbaugh

He just acquired a brain.  He’s also thinking of cutting down his Vicodin to 500 a day, just to show those freaky drug addicts he can do it.  Way to go, Rush.


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Causation, Assumption, and “Reality”

(Having thought deeply about this.)

“…Well, Jeez, I don’t know what to think about that.”

[That is a link to a comic online.]


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