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No. You’ve got it wrong. Even ‘mere’ mating requires language, which mandates shared ideation. It is this and other very similar things which in fact drive ‘evolution.’

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Lingual and Non-Lingual Consciousness


You’re right.  We don’t and can’t think in words.  We think in terms of (apparently unique) representative, non-linear systems.


Language and consciousness are necessarily unrelated; this has no connection to whether humans make choices.  Add into that, civilization consists of repression.  It depends on the growth of rules and ever-closer government of behavior.  Because of that civilizations become unable to deal with the actual environment and die.


Please do at least scan the referenced article.

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The Missing Piece

Lingual/societal adaption by means of forming definitions which, stored, also defines acceptable protocols.


*Lingually [stem; lingual; concept is adaption by means of language, particularly definitions]; my memory sez adaptation.

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