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An Update and Then…to Progress

I’ve been rather silent. I spent 10 months in motels while owning and paying for a townhouse (so that my wife [now ex, thank God] could live in her accustomed style, more or less). I lost 2 computers over that time–Hard Drive crash and then physical crash (dropped) on my nice Dell AIO and then there was the HP/Compaq ex-military one that lost the hard drive and right now won’t even power on. It was an inexpensive refurbished one, though; no bitterness here.

The divorce is over. She got over twice I did out of the settlement. I’m not in debt, and I had enough left over after settling MY credit cards to buy a travel trailer for $8,000 in cash. I can’t begin to claim I have the faintest idea of what her finances are or were in light of the fact that when divorce proceedings began her indebtedness was at $52,000 (roughly) and at the end of the proceedings at about twice that with undeclared debts. Don’t presume that this is notice of my making a decision as to the validity or worth of her various decisions, because I simply don’t comprehend her system of valuation and consequent assigned protocols. I can’t judge her daughter because I simply don’t know her; I willingly admit that this is largely due to a decision of mine decades ago that I would not under any circumstances involve myself in a social or quasi-social venue with her. Thank God.

I’m going to add a short squib that signals the attempted direction of the rest of this blog.

Language is a representative system. The most special and definitive thing about it is that it is a representative system designed solely for quick and fairly reliable communication. It looks like for us (homo sapiens, so to speak) that was to allow group coordination on the slaughter of many small or a few large sources of protein/meat. This allows coordination along with the presentation of valuations (by means of lingual definition of a given ‘object’) that basically imposes a series of protocols.

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As Far as AI

  1. What humans actually want is an artificial personality with intelligence. One of the missing components is error. Another is instead of 2-value logic must be 3-value; yes, no, maybe.

2. The means of producing one is quite obvious and potentially dangerous. A laboratory for that would almost have to be off-planet. One of the caveats would be definition of roles. Given that humans were to be observed making a move wrong from its genesis perspective, it might well fit exactly into Arnold Schwarznegger’s series.

3. Logic is and can only be a reflection of how data is processed most efficiently from a ‘human’ perspective. That is, there is no possibility that all logically inferred propositions are true.

4. A lingually-oriented consciousness is a number of things.

A. It operates on the principle of definition by exclusion.

B. Freud’s ‘unconscious mind’ is a misnomer. What one experiences in a timely fashion often has nothing to do with language; it might even be more correct to say “never”.

C. Language is a representative system with exactly one purpose; to facilitate communication within the given group.

D. Language is necessarily linear. It can concentrate on one “thread” at a time.

E. Language with respect to ‘artificial’ [whatevers] operates on the principle of definition by exclusion.

There’s more I have to say, but that’s it for now.

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No. You’ve got it wrong. Even ‘mere’ mating requires language, which mandates shared ideation. It is this and other very similar things which in fact drive ‘evolution.’

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Lingual and Non-Lingual Consciousness


You’re right.  We don’t and can’t think in words.  We think in terms of (apparently unique) representative, non-linear systems.


Language and consciousness are necessarily unrelated; this has no connection to whether humans make choices.  Add into that, civilization consists of repression.  It depends on the growth of rules and ever-closer government of behavior.  Because of that civilizations become unable to deal with the actual environment and die.


Please do at least scan the referenced article.

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The Missing Piece

Lingual/societal adaption by means of forming definitions which, stored, also defines acceptable protocols.


*Lingually [stem; lingual; concept is adaption by means of language, particularly definitions]; my memory sez adaptation.

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