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false perspectives

false perspectives

i have known ire,
and its following rue.
i have known passion
–and its waning.

i have felt what i knew
as love, and known the bitter

known, too,
unknowledge. (at times words
can’t suffice.)

wisdom is not
necessarily joyful.

–your fleeting touch
and the fleeting yet undying

pain which followed.
(but if the antithesis
isn’t followed by
synthesis?) these patterns
form no clear mark
nor line: there is

no staying point.
(standing on a hill once
i thought to know
the world.) false perspectives


Very true and more painful than said here.


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in this early
drought-promising Spring,
seeing echoes
of your face and others, and

other failed dreams, i
know there shall be other
hellos and other foreknown

that, quite certainly,
in some sudden tomorrow, pride
and need and pain
will combine somehow with loneliness
to make another illusion
of love and untimely kisses
not so much begun as

recognized…i know
o dream truly dies, and there’s
the rub of’t. i dream
without belief.

in this too-early, dry
Spring, reviewing
past loves and past mistakes, i have
no great hopes for Summer.


*of’t=of it=abandoned contraction, also a pun on ‘oft’, which would actually require a preceding comma


It was written long ago.  My dreams now are often of the relief of ending, rather than constant and constantly increasing pain, while fighting desperately to keep on walking, and trying not to talk of pain.  I haven’t been succeeding in that lately, but I have managed to increasingly approach nearer to silence in my personal life.

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say no more, i beg you
(but you cannot listen)
we’ve said all this before, too many far too many

we humans
mistake love for lust, and grief
for anger. you suffered
my touch and i your absence

till absence overtook touching.
now you long
for my reassurance, and i’ve
none, at all, to give.

things change: people change:
and feelings die.
i’ve nothing to say or lend.

in a way i suppose that’s appropriate. we know words
by silence:
before, and after.



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Because of TheDonald, I long for reality


on longing for reality and other foolhardy things

separated, the changes
refract and reflect the light
promising clear sight
and other most assuredly

imaginary things
(i’ve even heard “truth”

I have never before used my art explicitly on current events.  Because there are too many exact replications of the rise of the Nazi party into dominance, I refrain no longer.  I will do as well as I can to avoid polemic.  My pursuit is of the rational and beautiful (though the subject is often no thing of beauty) and most of all–in poetry–of concision in pursuing my goal, which is…I have to admit it, I still pursue it–truth.

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Intro To Diff View cont’d

Apparently I lost my attempted entry on LiveJournal, which is why I had abandoned it; that kind of thing.


Perception effectively takes place by means of the representative system employed.  Given that one uses language it will affect any other representative system used or replace it.  One’s identity is in terms of the value system employed implicitly within the language.  That means one’s value to their society—put bluntly , their right to live.  The aggressive nature of that first society would have started, most likely, with a conflict over resources (almost certainly involved with ‘territory’ or exclusive right to use a resource) which the aggressive society identifies as necessary.  A society over a certain and rather small size isn’t actually viable if geographically stable.  If it doesn’t move that almost inescapably means that it’s ‘progressing’ toward towns and cities.  The aggression would be amplified the first time that population overwhelmed resources, because lines would quickly be drawn as to who deserved to live—that’s the crucial aspect of the social value I mentioned.  A mobile society which isn’t technologically advanced is restricted as to size.  Along the way religion develops, it seems.


Note that the oldest religions we know of contain ways to survive.  Look at the Ten Commandments in light of survival.  Pork is extremely dangerous to consume, and was forbidden.  Strife within a group of people generally involves violence and if it goes on for a long time generally it manages to destroy that group.  At least most of the ancient religions that idolized violence have disappeared.  Few worship  Baal with their brass god and his belly hungry for intruders from what I hear.  No, our society simply and openly idolizes violence, and apocalyptic movies are wildly popular.  When a self-destructive modality develops it seems generally infective, and remarkably effective.  If consciousness is by means of language and that language’s value structure changes, there are unavoidable influences on perception.  I was never going to write that part, incidentally, but Trump’s wild and continuing popularity is basically rational only in that vein.  The world does end with a bang, because the first usage of nuclear weaponry will trigger nearly instantaneous response which probably can’t be controlled.  –At its best, language is a supreme method of social adaptation.


It allows for the storage and transmission of protocols.  For this purpose protocols may be defined as actions or more generally series of actions, impelled by: ‘perception’/definition/’value determination’/reference to library of actions.  Perception isn’t ‘pure’ or what actually comes from the senses without training for most people. We use words to ‘consciously’ think.  Generally the perception stems from learning, often copying.  The kids who copy in school (dressing like the most popular others, or their favorite actor, or) are still copying, that instinct with which we’re born.


The true consciousness  is necessarily wordless.  It would be difficult for it to be discrete.  Each body varies.  Let us note just here that the concept of “average” is quite simply fascinating.  It may mean three things; mean, median or mode. The mean is of course all of some numbers being added and then divided by the number of members in the given set, and its accuracy varies with the number of people well above or well below “the usual”, which means it’s an attempt to avoid the obvious lack of possible accuracy in that phrase, “the usual”.  The mode is the most common number.  If we’re talking about income, for instance, the mode is the (mathematically determined) income that most people get.  The median is the line between the most income and the least (0).  I am mentioning  this because the concept is entirely useful mathematically and the problem is establishing a firm connection between mathematical operations and what “actually” occurs.  This is where “modal” comes truly to the fore.   Modern consciousness necessarily consists of series of modes (with necessarily non-linear [complex] connections and generally more than one sort of mode is involved in any situation: protocols here have become similar to C++ in one respect; there are inescapable assumptions with any statement, and some of the assumptions  won’t be true—and because reasoning is done with language [necessary for “peer validation”, and from what I have said this is actually a complicated translation in and of itself; lingual concept to actual representational conceptualization, to ‘logical’ operations, translated back to lingual representation (with any statements that don’t conform to group-defined reality [a lingual reality, a reality defined by words which presume exclusivity of meaning {see your favorite dictionary}.


Now then.  This is a compression of (a small part of) about ten years of thought.


It does relate directly to the analogy of humans chained and staring at moving shadows on the cave wall, with the light presumably from an unseen fire.

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book of sayings (3)

Book of Sayings (3)

about names and thought*

today there are hurried motions
in no direction, though
that sullen half-silence turns
quickly to rage if even slightly

no speech;
the crowd grumbles and snarls
wordlessly; it does not name

but without names it cannot speak
nor therefore think. has
it somehow cast me out?

i wonder for a moment.
then i realize again
my namelessness
*or, when i learned to speak
i forgot all truth

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for nita

for nita

we were so close, for so many years:  you seemed
to become a part of me.  now i remain and you are
gone: leaves, without a tree.


For a friend, gone these many years.  I wrote it because I knew her husband.

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answer (2)

answer (2)

you awaited answer so long
that quite assuredly you no longer expected it:
indeed, you’d forgotten the question

when a quiet voice spoke,
a small voice, perhaps
interior, saying, “not the thing but its meaning;

the word’s inflection, not
the word:  uncurved lines
are the mind’s product.
there is no certain course

nor goal.  between
birth and death is only a moment.  look.  be.”  but,
no longer
quite recalling your query,

you merely pause for a moment, startled, and then
to your housework and vague musings

on the absence of joy, and dreams.


I began studying something on a ship voyage to Japan.  My adopted mother couldn’t bear traveling by plane.  It’s the sort of study that you finish by entirely missing the way or dying.

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On Politics


what is this you try
to give me?  i need no slogans.  i make–and suffer–
my own.


I’m sure I fear the thought of Donald being in power more than Hilary! (or is it two “l’s”?)


I think.  No, I do.  I…never mind.


**Remember I did write this one during the Vietnam war, while participating.

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unmeant revelations

unmeant revelations

you scratched me–meaning
to tear me–and left,
never realizing pain
has its own language, and
you’d told me you hurt
far more
than i ever could

New: this is the territory of; if you thought about it you probably wouldn’t ask out of decency, and would you really want to know?

*Poetry published in blogs like mine are in fact automatically protected by Common Law Copyright.  All I ask for in poetry is that if it’s reprinted–reblogged, one would assume–there is proper attribution.  Glenn Charles, although Voices (originally with no caps) was written with the intended pen name of Samwise Davies. **This is a clue, since I think my comments which somehow come from that appear while I’m publishing under Glenn Charles.  Since–to add to the confusion–although Glenn Charles is my rational name it’s also in respects an assumed name, I’ve taken latterly to simply using that.  Samwise is in respects quite literally the “ghost in the machine”.


I would say “Happy Thanksgiving” but first I wish to say:  remember what this celebrates.  I wish you enjoyment of what it should be, but I think all who are not AmerIndian should pause very, very long before celebration of togetherness.  The actual event cannot be undone nor forgiven; less can the dismissal of the fact that there began the conscious slaughter of the Indians.  I read the facts as a child and was a bit shocked.  I was a child in Vietnam, too, by the way.  xxxx happens.

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