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The Supposed Skeptic

Why didn’t he note that the approved Gospels are from the Greek, not any Hebrew translation?  Faith is faith.  “There is no scientific evidence” is his major point; science is as much a system of faith as is any other.  A controlled environment (one of the necessities for a scientific experiment) translates to an artificial one.  The assumption of causation is another–let alone linear and singular causation.  Should make for some good reading and good laughs, though.


(Language itself is a system of belief.)

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On Faith and Supposed Knowledge

–read the comments.  A system of faith is just that.  I think my comment (if you could spot it) is fairly succinct and to the point.


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I always knew there was something about those guys…

and it looks like the police on the case are really feeling sheepish.  Cops chase car thieves that turn into grass-eaters?


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Yet Another Enemy

The sun.  No, not some asinine periodical.  A spaceborn EMF event (similar to but far greater than any produced by conventional atomic explosions) would in fact wipe out our electronically and electrically based civilization.  I’m surprised it took this long to hit public domain, in fact.  What happens is you have one of those nice flashy-looking solar storms.  They carry a lot of charge; enough, in fact, to bring down things like major transformers.  And we civilized people suddenly don’t have one of the absolutely necessary things for a city infrastructure.


This was the subject of at least one classified government study in the early seventies.

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This would take true enthusiasm…

What I don’t get is what job description does entail getting infected.  I mean, other than enlisting in the military.  Not authorized to be exposed to infectious agents, is my rough recollection of this.  My.  Perhaps we have missed out on a few of the wilder working conditions.


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Andre Norton

I’m not going to link to anything.  I can’t say I was surprised when I looked.  After all, she was my first inspiration.  Certainly there were Wells and not least of all Mark Twain–Burroughs–the bloody Frenchman:  but even Aasimov and Heinlein somehow missed what she first managed to capture while within the spectacular; the believable.   Frodo isn’t human.  Lewis’ characters are the stiff-lipped sorts characteristic of those prone to puckering of orifices, the upper class British.  English.  United King…never mind.

Andre Norton was the first female science fiction of whom I’m aware who managed to unmistakably impress her femininity upon her writing while being more than competitive in a market where femininity was the first basis for discrimination.  I remember reading the “blurbs” on the backs of paperbacks and the hard-bound copies in the library for just one actual admission that she was indeed a she.

I thought of her because I am again re-reading C. J. Cherryh’s “Gates of Ivrel”, and once again re-read Norton’s introduction, and where she quietly wrote that she wished she could have written as well.  Indeed, she did.


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MacIntosh vs. Windows…I mean, Obama and McCaine

First of all, I think whoever wins the election it will be a disaster.  The one thing the U.S. populace has shown over the years is an entire inability to adapt.  This has a lot to do with manipulated news media (“Yellow Journalism”–the name stemming from the short lifetime of the paper first used for papers like The National Enquirer–with us now and ever, with ever more faces), sure.  We’re also all sure it must be someone’s fault, just as long as it’s not our own.

I don’t buy Obama being born in Nigeria, and I didn’t buy stock from the Nigerian claiming to be his grandfather either.  McCaine isn’t a complete idiot and he is a Vietnam vet–and he tests out sane, which is better than I do (veteran of only that war).  Biden seems credible.  As far as Palin goes, I still can’t quite believe that she isn’t just a fraud–a joke, although that’s punishable by a heavy fine and possible imprisonment.

Both will make most decisions on the advice of officeholders.  The infrastructure holds the information.  And anger the infrastructure and you lose a lot of the control.  Give it up.  I mean, really.  One thing you can assume is that the first one who went to mud-slinging had the least to offer on his own in positive terms.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid some buck-toothed inbred will be unable to take it if Mr. Obama does make it to the presidency.  I’m also afraid of McCaine’s age, health and potential successor, because I wouldn’t want her running the neighborhood bar–personal opinion, mind.  I’m sure she’s very good at things.  Some things.  I just wouldn’t guess what, both from inability and fear of being labeled a sexist.  I would much rather see Paris Hilton as president, and that has absolutely nothing to do with anything but intelligence.

But each will bash the other.  The Republicans are blaming the Democrats, who are apparently in power (in the Oval Office, no less–the power behind the throne? the puppet master? Svengali?) for the financial mess, which was being predicted by anyone above retarded because of the loosening of controls on loans to non-existence on Greenspan’s instructions.  The Democrats, oddly enough, are saying a Republican was in office.  Odd idea, that.

And no matter who wins the election, it will be their fault and it should have been fixed yesterday.  Where would we be without edited news?   But I believe.  It’s the other guys’ fault.


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