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Morals, Merits and Protocols

There aren’t morals.  Many of our sexual practices actually go back to a time when condoms didn’t exist, which meant that venereal disease was incurable.  We even have record of that in statues of demons and suchlike; those born with venereal disease are by hearsay horribly disfigured.  And generally if not always incurable.  Mind you, I had tuberculosis which was incurable without knowing it; I found that out by turning out positive on a test entering boot camp, but I had the tubercules in my chest (just don’t burst them son or you’ll die; thanks)…and later I turned out negative.  Cured.  Yes, I’m sure there’s a record.  The point is that things happen which are supposedly impossible, not that I performed a miracle or anything of the sort.


Principles of ownership rest mainly on structuring a society.  Our society (which most call societies)  bears the mark of a world which was once somewhat densely populated.  It could not have been on the legendary first continent.  We have the ghosts of the tales; the armies of the blacks who laughed at the whites.  Some of the tales are so grand that perhaps it is no wonder no trace remains of them; any penny-bound and ratchet-minded white man could bear no such thing, any more than he could bear the thought of an unedited and uncontrolled Bible or for that matter more than one name for God or more than one version of the truth, from the Council of Nicea to Calvin.


The problem is that society rest exactly upon protocols, which rest in turn upon shared definitions and reactions.  The definitions, expressions and reactions are in many ways the same thing.  The problem here is how to modify that which seems to be becoming simpler as pondered upon.


Patterns lend valuation through protocol.  *Models.  *‘Factoids‘, the MEDIA’S beloved darling.  A stride, a smile, a sway combined with the correct wording and lighting and you have a million bucks or the conquering of a state. 


Remember that the true rich rarely if ever become visible.  That is not in the least accidental,  it is sheer and mere prudence.  I met two, one by accident and I’m quite sure he didn’t know I realized he was one.  I quite quickly exited and it was many years ago and in a foreign country.  Money does not know a thing about morals.  Morals are something that you follow as a label.  Honor is a private thing and best in my knowledge left unstated.  Any other step leads to inevitable misunderstanding.  Merits can have nothing to do with money, and are always relative.  And protocols are necessarily always formed upon the perspective of the one acting.  [Thank God for autosave, which in the early days of the Internet of course didn’t exist.]  That perspective was taught and generally taught with the addendum that its validity couldn’t change; don’t adapt your perspective from what is taught.  Later this becomes don’t adapt your perspective unless the information is from an approved source.


At which point we’re bouncing between Wikipedia, CBS, WikiLeaks, and Cracked–with Cracked the most valid.


We have to learn quickly, although in some respects we’ve come a long way.  When I was 13 my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to college (before that I was punished for talking about it) because I needed some ‘social adaptation’.  They had no idea what I was talking about if I even mentioned any of my interests.  =I was supposed to listen.


Each two things you tell me tells me at least one thing more.  That in itself might but rarely does tell me a fourth–but the third thing you tell me will at least come close to telling me five, and the 4th most likely 7 and after that it’s in a nonplanar scheme.  I think many things I can’t say.  Very few people do that.  I can’t, um, ‘math’ them because there is no math for it.  ‘It’ being pure perception of patterns.  I’ve proved that one with machines.


And most people establish lifelong habits.  I read and I write.  Reading would be identifiable except I tend to used book stores and like cash.  I avoid libraries.  I can’t help it.  I was taught by the wrong people in circumstances that made me unable to forget the learning.


But then, my DD-214 doesn’t say ‘released by USN’.



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The Supposed Skeptic

Why didn’t he note that the approved Gospels are from the Greek, not any Hebrew translation?  Faith is faith.  “There is no scientific evidence” is his major point; science is as much a system of faith as is any other.  A controlled environment (one of the necessities for a scientific experiment) translates to an artificial one.  The assumption of causation is another–let alone linear and singular causation.  Should make for some good reading and good laughs, though.


(Language itself is a system of belief.)

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Asians and Embarassment

I’d say the West is slow to learn.  Honor is probably lost completely in the modern world, due the role of the “barbarian”–and the icon goes back to the much-touted (and multiple, actually) Fall of Rome.  Stories like this about failure (of the satellite launch) reek of embarassment.  Loss of face is still a big thing there; it’s sort of a cultural imprint.  The white man is used to being an ass, I guess (speaking as one of them); our anger is generally short-lived.  When it isn’t, our doctors term it psychotic and our legal systems term it an imprisonable offence (along, apparently, with epilepsy).  If someone who can’t stand being embarassed is in the same class you are, and has the potential to be a real pain in the ass, and really doesn’t much like you in the first place–you don’t go out of your way to embarass him and not expect trouble.

Then again, what do you expect?  These guys are all out for the column inch, from reporters to supposed scientists.  Pardon me, their fifteen minutes in the golden sun of television half-life.


P.S.  Full disclosure:  I lived in Japan for two years as a child and for about three years as an adult my home port was there.  I had contact with actual Japanese outside the envelope of governmental dealings.  The average American has no understanding at all of how to deal with the average Asian, and consistently does things that could easily be construed as deliberate offences–constantly.

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Surgeons Detail First U.S. Face Transplant

Doctors Describe 22-hour Surgery; Recipient’s Identity Remains a Mystery*

‘”A face has what’s called mimetic movements,” Canady said. “When you laugh or smile, you’re not thinking about laughing or smiling; you just do it. These are involuntary movements in a face that make it a face. I don’t know how much of that is possible to be regained in a transplanted face.” ‘  Really.  Evidently I am truly a geek.

In point of fact a distinction should be made her between bases of consciousness; lingual and therefore social, and non-lingual and therefore to at least some extent unique.  That society by nature tends to discourage unique consciousness complicates things a tad.

*You know, headlines like that might make me a bit hesitant to visit whatever hospital is in question.  Sounds like they not only lost the patient, they don’t even know what (s)he looks like.

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Bacteria to transform plastic from landfill to use

I thought about half a dozen ways to come up with wise-ass ways of introduction.  The fellows at Dublin College (in Ireland, oddly enough) have come up with a possible way for bacteria to feed upon and transform plastic.  I remember a similar article and project many years ago about nuclear waste.  One.  I hope this isn’t on the order of cold fusion, which presumably didn’t work.  Not that I ever get the feeling that I do know for sure someone is lying, I just don’t know which one.  And I don’t know where “reality” comes in.

Perhaps I’m just terminally confused.  Quite certainly it’s a part of my PTSD.  Like imagining the state trooper who kindly met me at the island every time I drove on it, after the bust.  And like imagining the one article about the guy in New York who claimed to be from the future and had some sort of “proof”.



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