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is it odd that

as my words come ever closer to silence

my meanings seem clearer?
*Attribute the meaning of this to Dean Ing. Another way to say that is that his words were the precise inspiration for this poem, and nearly diametrically opposed to what he meant.


[“The Father of Lies merely taught us to speak.”]

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That’s where I approximately am.  I am thinking, rather intensely, it’s just that the thought is rarely in terms [solely] of words and presumable language.  More than that at this level of thought no one else wants to hear it, in my 50 years or so of experience.


And then I rediscover how much more I can hear–and even think–if I avoid words, except in poems and the occasional tidbit.  I’m also finally studying ubuntu and going toward a good position to basically challenge for a master’s in some skyence typo science or other.

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The promised downtime

–I’m sick.  Happens to all of us.

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