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On Politics


what is this you try
to give me?  i need no slogans.  i make–and suffer–
my own.


I’m sure I fear the thought of Donald being in power more than Hilary! (or is it two “l’s”?)


I think.  No, I do.  I…never mind.


**Remember I did write this one during the Vietnam war, while participating.

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anagram (3)

anagram (3)

rain on the lake
heron ‘gainst dappled waters: this fleeting dream




I wasn’t going to make any observations, but…  Yeah, it really was, wasn’t it? the dream I mean.  It was brief once we built our cities and attempted to girdle the world with steel.  The Sargasso Sea, with the kelp replaced by plastic, which eventually whirlpools down and is taken in by the true bottom sea life, and thus enters the food chain.  It does happen elsewhere, but that’s the most graphic.  Naturally the mouths of most rivers are filthy.  If one in every 25 throws away one piece of trash a day so it lands in a river–just how many pieces is that? do the math.  Google will do both for you.

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